Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending (HBO)

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  1. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Payday lenders are one of the big reasons our politicians are so crooked here in Rhode Isalnd. They have a lot of money to throw around:

    “While Morisseau put together a powerful coalition of more than 50 influential groups and individuals, it wasn’t enough to out-influence the highest paid lobbyist in Rhode Island: former House Speaker Bill Murphy, who was paid more than $100,000 to kill the bill that would have reigned in these predatory high-interest loans.” – See more at:

    That was the former Speaker of the R I House. His handpicked successor just had his offices and his house raided by the state police. He had to step down from his position as Speaker. He is not running for another term. Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop but the Democratic Party politics in Rhode Island is Byzantine. The Feds here are more interested in online pharmacies cutting into Big Pharma’s drug trade than they are about crooked politicians with strong ties to the Democratic Party establishment, which is basically Rockefeller Republican. There is another handpicked successor. It doesn’t seem reform is on the horizon.

    • Suzan Says:

      CB one of the TERFs is a partner in a law firm that defends these scumbags. Indeed one of CB’s crowning achievements in the legal field was writing a defense of these loan sharks. Which tells me more than I needed to know about her credibility.

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