Author of Texas Ex-Gay Plank Tied to Sex Offender

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Jerry Reiter
July 17, 2014

A sex scandal and cover-up slipped under the radar of the national media last month. News outlets were talking about the Texas GOP voting this month in favor of gay conversion therapy, a widely discredited imitation of real therapy, called “reparative therapy” that promises to “bring out the heterosexual” in gays, but something was amiss beyond the wackiness of the claim itself. I noticed the official party plank had an anonymous author. That gave me a hint there was more to the story.

I contacted the local Dallas reporter who wrote the original story about the plank. He kept his word to the Republican delegate to not reveal the man’s name, but inadvertently he gave me a few tiny clues. And I followed them, like bread crumbs, leading me down a path that led me to something shocking. It would involve an arrest for child pornography, multiple sexual assaults, and a kind of cover-up because, if the world knew the background of the author of the reparative therapy plank and the true-crime story of the reparative therapist who “cured” him, it could destroy any shred of credibility their cause had.

First, I found a fake (last) name, a connection to a “Jeremy Joel” with a website, Joel 2:25. I recognized that the title was from a bible verse, but I was shocked to see the verse was about a great locust invasion. Was he calling gay people locusts? In time I would find out it would be a better description of Jeremy’s reparative therapist, a man who is currently on probation for sexual assaults.

Jeremy could not release his real last name, Schwab, for a number of reasons, because he had been lying on video about how long he had been in reparative therapy, how long he had been living an openly gay life and a string of contradictory claims about his life, but most of all because of his own written statements in praise of a registered sex offender, Christopher Joe Austin, who had been his reparative therapist in Irving, a suburb of Dallas. Jeremy Schwab had gone to Austin weekly for five years, from 2002 to 2007, but had to stop when the reparative therapist was arrested on child porn charges and sexual assault.

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