Our Phone Obsession Is Turning Us Into Zombies

Raise Your Consciousness.

Throw away your ear buds, dump your tablet, exchange your Smart Phone for a simple handset cell phone with no additional features.  Get one you pay for the minutes of usage and limit it to say 30 minutes per month.

Look around you at the world.

Enjoy the present.

Be there in the here and now.

Engage life instead of some electronic toy that only makes you stupid and unaware.

Getting rid of Smart Phones will help make the world a much better place.

Best thing you can do along with shopping locally and living frugally.

Small changes can really mess with the mega corporations.

Consuming less is revolutionary.

From Alternet:  http://www.alternet.org/culture/our-phone-obsession-turning-us-zombies

Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse has materialized and we are it.

By Will Durst
June 8, 2014

You see them staggering down our streets, heads bowed as if in prayer making the occasional grunting noise. Mindless drooling de-animated human husks walking blindly into fountains, crosswalks and lamp posts. Wake up People. We are in the middle of a science fiction movie here. Welcome to the Invasion of the Phone Zombies.

Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse has materialized and we are it. Everywhere you look you find the deathlike trance- frozen faces of we necromantic slaves with twitching fingers. Spending endless empty hours mesmerized by our tiny screens. An entire society that can’t remember its own phone number, much less that of any significant other. Of course, compared to our magical phones, there are no significant others.

Our smart phones are being manipulated by some very dumb people. Sure, amazing things can be accomplished: check the weather patterns in Outer Mongolia. Translate French past participles into Farsi. Order a chess set made out of imitation crab meat in the shape of the characters from 12 Years a Slave and have it delivered to our house before getting back from work. But in the meantime, we are developing the attention span of high- speed lint. And the personalities.

The contagion has spread everywhere. Stall zombies in public rest rooms that hog the enclosed sanctum to play a quick round of Fruit Ninja. Or two. Nightlife zombies who ignore the jokes onstage so they can respond with multiple LOLs on their electronic leash. Tangentially ambulatory zombies who get into their car but refuse to leave parking spots until checking in with High Command. Vacation zombies who spend thousands of dollars to stare at their phones in distant exotic lands.

Continue reading at:  http://www.alternet.org/culture/our-phone-obsession-turning-us-zombies

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