Social Media, Smartphones, Connectedness and the Delusion that being an e-Warrior will change the World

Today I closed my Linkedin account.

It was a total waste of time and served little or no purpose not served by either Facebook or e-Mail.

As a Blogger I view myself as a reporter of sorts and as a conduit for sharing information I think is important.

I haven’t been an actual activist for a long time.

A few years ago I announced my withdrawal from the eternal trans-wars.  Fighting over words is stupid and as the Jefferson Airplane put it “Doesn’t mean shit to a tree.”

Politically correct language never ever put a roof over the head of a homeless person or stopped a crime of violence.

Fighting over politically correct terminology gives people an illusion of action, of being an e-warrior fighting bigotry and oppression.

Way back in the 1960s Dick Gregory, a civil rights/human rights/anti-war activist called his auto biography the racially charged word that starts with “N”, the word we are never to speak.

Has making that word taboo solved the the issue of racism in this country?  Or is the issue really the racism and not the word?

Recently Andrea James and Calpernia Addams, two long time activists have found themselves under attack because of their questioning of the motivations of one of the rising e-warrior stars of Planet Transgender.  It seems this e-warrior wannabee went on the attack against Calpernia for her defense of a word that was until a couple of years ago a staple in the trans-vocabulary albeit one considered street slang used by prole class TS/TG folks.

Parker Molloy malgendered Calpernia and the e-War was on with the Twitteratti and e-Warriors slinging harsh words back and forth across the interwebs, Smartphones drawn, pithy 140 character biting comments.  Battle lines were drawn, alliances formed.

The Transgender Borg with their generalized homophobic and classist subroutines immediately did what e-Warriors do.  They formulated a harsh letter of condemnation severely chastising Andrea and Calpernia for straying from the Transgender Borg politically vetted for correctness party line.

I swear I haven’t seen such wars over ideology since the battles between the Communist Party apparatchiks and the Trotskyites at the  Mediterranean Cafe on Telegraph Avenue in 1960s Berkeley.

Such indignation, such fury, such bullshitski.

What the fuck ever happened to people actually doing something to earn the label of activist?  Now it all seems about who has the most Twitter Followers, the most Facebook friends and likes.  Afew years back I tangled with wannabee activist and poor little rich girl, Ashley Love.  A really spoiled little a-hole who used her privilege to show up in selfies at all sorts of major events.

She wanted to be a leader.  Pity no one cared to follow.

Now it seems as though all the e-Warriors are looking at e-Activism as a way to become stars, polish their brand and get a platform in Huffington Post or the like.  They want to be leaders.  They want to be special even more than they want to be ordinary women or men who may have talents that make them special.

Too many have a vested interest in perpetuating a life time commitment to membership in a community that should be transitory.  At least it should be transitory for transsexuals who should get their SRS and go on to be ordinary women or men.

The idea of being transgender forever is in total opposition to how I have lived my life, to what my life experience has taught me.

The very idea of having self appointed e-Warriors acting as thought police patrolling the borders of the Transgender Ghetto is disgusting.  Even more infuriating is the shaming of anyone who happens to have a different oppinion from these true believers.  Further many of these true believing know-it-alls are newbies, people who haven’t a history of activism and certainly haven’t had years of experience living the life.



5 Responses to “Social Media, Smartphones, Connectedness and the Delusion that being an e-Warrior will change the World”

  1. Bonze Anne Rose Blayk Says:

    They use hate-speech, you use incomprehensible jargon, and I speak the plain truth.

    Who came up with the type of amusing comparison I’m paraphrasing there? Bertrand Russell? ???

    I’m not sure, but it seems applicable here, and thanks for sharing your sentiments, because to my mind these invocations resemble more a hymn of praise to totems of thought, accompanied by a chorus of denunciations of heresy… than CALLS TO ACTION; as if having all the categories sorted out and properly titled with everybody using the officially-approved labels for each other, we’re all going to get along just hunky-dory… it’s like a legalist’s cargo cult or something; conflict and animosity will be banished by branding words into law to outlaw the words that are held to express it… while to some others those words are just fun.

    The heralds say a ten-foot ocean rise is a-comin’?

    Maybe we can rename it or something.

    branding matters

    … shaking my head,
    – bonzie anne

    PS: What was that Greek myth about Hercules taking on Proteus, who continually shifts forms to evade any grip? That’s what trying to restrain the efflorescence of language is like.

    … oops, that’s Menelaus taking on Proteus: fact-checking… what a concept.

  2. Karen Says:

    Linked-in is primarily for career/job connection not politics or friendships. Outside of that it’s not very useful IMO.

    Re the on-line wars … back in the day i managed to draw fire from all sides… HBSers (even before the terms was invented), TGs, yes and even calpernia, andrea james and Lynn Conway too…

    I guess I just had a knack for making myself popular with all factions in the on-line T* universe 😉

    In the end it all meant nothing. I wasted a lot of emotional energy for no good reason. Why did it matter to me so much back then for all those years? I chalk it up to the fear and uncertainty that comes with someone like me walking this path.

    I reached a point whereby life just is what it is… neither the best I hopped for nor the worst that i feared (so far) and what it is won’t be changed by a arguing on the net over things most people would scratch their heads over.

    Or maybe I’m just getting old.

    • Suzan Says:

      Age is a great leveler.

      Also just letting go of stuff after SRS, the realization that life “is what it is.” I hear the phrase “It is what is is” a lot these days of lowered expectations.

      I’ve come to understand the concept of enough. Of not having to have every moment be a peak experience.

      The world is over crowded, the air polluted and the ocean rising.

      I saw a t-shirt the other day that sums it up: “I may be old, but I got to see all the really cool bands.”

  3. Hypatia's Child Says:

    Karen is right — I deleted my LinkedIn account a while back when I found that I was mostly getting invitations from people I had never met or even heard of. But I wasn’t looking for a job back then. Now I am, so I created another one. I’ll probably keep it after I get re-employed to try to help others out who are in the same boat, but it’s a constant source of aggravation.

    As to the trans wars… I don’t much pay attention anymore. The trans community gets close to zero of my energy these days as it seems to be increasingly populated with folks who are all worked up about things that probably won’t matter to them in a few years. It’s a tempest in a teapot.

    Bonze — I think it was G. B. Shaw.

    • Karen Says:

      Hi Hypatia’s Child,

      Sorry to hear you are unemployed… At our age jobs are hard to come by i know from experience.
      BTW I lost your Email in in a disk crash a awhile back. If you want email be sometimes.

      – Karen

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