RuPaul Blasted For Transphobia By The Advocate; Not Everyone Agrees

We don’t live in Fucking North Korea, although listening to so many of the thought police in the so called “Trans-Community” the feeling that we might is understandable.

A few years back I called folks practicing the only approved words and pure approved thoughts the  “Transgender Borg.”  They acted as though there was only one approved way of thinking and that one should use only politically correct approved word to express one’s thoughts regarding being trans.

Fuck that…

I gotten a ton of shit from the thought police over the last 20 years for my refusal to embrace the term transgender as either identity or descriptive term.  I was transsexual.  I had a sex change operation.  It was many years ago, so long ago in fact I am now post-transsexual.

Every other person in the “Transgender Community” gets to use their preferred term ergo I get to use my preferred term.

I also have the freedom to tell individuals I disagree with to piss off.

Over the years I have watched as the transgender community has tried to colonize the Stonewall Riots while at the same time disavowing association with drag queens.

Heterosexual transvestites  cross-dressers (in politically correct speak) are part of the transgender community but drag queens aren’t, unless they happen to be murdered and then they are martyrs.

It is all bullshit.

I stand with Calpernia and Andrea James

As much as I like Zinnia Jones and Kelli Busey, I abhor their attacks on both Andrea and Calpernia.  Both Andrea and Calpernia are right to denounce this brand of slacktivism coming from the twits of the twitteratti, who seem to think tearing down two women with a long history of activism will accomplish anything positive.

All this shit does is drive people away once they are over and done with their SRS.

From Queerty:

By Andrea James
April 5, 2014


Logo announced on 14 April 2014 that “it has decided to remove the term “she-male” from future episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and pull a recent episode that featured the word.” This came about after weeks of direct negotiation on how to proceed. My critics have also published an open-letter response to this article, in which the authors and the letter’s signatories take issue with my criticisms. Big Freedia won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Reality Series, and I was proud to be present at the event, supporting World of Wonder and all their remarkable work for the trans community.


“I fucking hate @RuPaul.”

Normally, a journalist making this pronouncement wouldn’t also report “objectively” about RuPaul that same day, but editors at LGBT website think this lack of ethics and professionalism by writer Parker Molloy is A-OK. It perfectly summarizes the current state of post-disruption journalism and its unhealthy addiction to Twitter, as well as the brain drain that has happened in LGBT media.


When not expressing hate for subjects of her reporting, Molloy is part of the eyeroll-inducing “hashtag activist” movement currently infecting the internet. Rants and beta male humorlessness once limited to blogs and social media are now creeping into other outlets. In a sign of the times, The Advocate, a venerable and respected LGBT print magazine founded almost 50 years ago, is now a separate entity from The website is overseen by a separate editorial team who favors bloggers and tweeters like Molloy over journalists; quantity over quality. Molloy’s specialty is trafficking in outrage, the basest coin of the internet, and is harnessing Molloy’s background as a search engine marketer in its current deathmatch with HuffPo Gay Voices.

ru-judge-lookWhy does Molloy, who is transgender, fucking hate RuPaul? Ru used the word “shemale” recently on RuPaul’s Drag Race and has unapologetically used a number of other taboo words over several decades, like “tranny” and what-not. Imagine that, a drag queen breaking a taboo! Any entertainer deals with hecklers, and Molloy is one of RuPaul’s. Heckler culture has grown stronger as we devolve into a society of media consumers, where everyone is a critic. The only difference between a heckler and a critic is manners, and now hecklers are apparently considered journalists.

Disdain for drag in general and RuPaul in particular has occasionally flared up from folks who transition from male to female with the zeal of a religious convert. They often dabble in online heckling like this before they inevitably flame out. The internet allows these shut-ins to spend their waking lives online, agreeing with like-minded victim cultists who share their views of acceptable transgender thought and behavior. These trans folks have developed their own pseudo-academic jargon like cis-het, which means “cisgender heterosexual,” which itself means “non-transgender straight person.” Most trans folks throwing around cis-het would have been labeled cis-het themselves a few years ago. It’s noteworthy that the most vocal anti-RuPaul hecklers are trans women who are primarily attracted to women. These newly-minted queers are derided as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) by the anti-heckler movement. The burgeoning backlash forming on 4chan and Reddit mocks SJWs as privileged pseudo-activists who seek to hurt others using the hard-earned weight of actual political movements.

Bret Easton Ellis calls these online hecklers Generation Wuss, oversensitive precious snowflakes raised on smugfuckery via LiveJournal, Twitter, and Tumblr. They exist in every subculture and demographic, and these internecine battles rarely move beyond a community squabble. In the LGBT community a hallmark of this online “activism” is little direct face-to-face interaction with the larger community or our critics. Their primary idea of activism is insulting someone they don’t like with a tweet or post involving the crutch word fuck. So fucking brave! Like all hecklers, their attention-seeking behavior helps these self-haters feel better about themselves.

While experienced activists seek to build bridges and establish empathy between cultures, these elitists’ ideas of success involve extracting apologies from media figures for perceived slights. This just drives intolerance underground, where it manifests in more pernicious ways, winning very few over to a new way of thinking and entrenching everyone. Witness #CancelColbert.

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  1. Deena Says:

    Excellent perspective Suzan.

  2. Greg Says:

    “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.” – Steven Fry

  3. Hypatia's Child Says:

    And the article has now “gone missing”. Removed due to protest by the “twitterati” that Andrea so effectively slammed, maybe?

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