Putin Loving anti-American Glenn Beck Says Gay Activist Groups ‘Are Becoming Nothing But A Terrorist Organization’

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  1. Bonze Anne Rose Blayk Says:

    I shan’t apologize for Glenn Beck’s loose usage of the word “terrorist” here – or his failure to notice that GAY has been the officially-proclaimed term of art for, ah, gay men, for a couple of decades now? – but a lot of ordinary people are overwhelmed by the twists and turns of modern language usage, especially when that’s conjoined with the fear of being found “guilty of using hate speech,” and are likely to sympathize with him on this.

    I’ve seen sooo many gay guys freaking out online over the term “cisgender” (and especially the “cis” contraction of it) that I’ve become sensitized to the issue… in my opinion, the language that’s applied to trans* conditions and experiences really sucks, starting with the use of the prefix “trans-” itself.

    – bonzie anne

  2. phyllisnowacki Says:

    No we are terrorist because of his confusion stop and listen to your the master of hate speech we want equal rights now and I stand with my other trans-people on this issue

    • Suzan Says:

      I don’t think of myself as a “trans-person”. transsexualism is something I was born with and was treated for.

      That said… I don’t like the scapegoating of minority groups be they LGBT, Latinos, Jews etc. Scapegoats are used as focal points for hate and negative energy that might be better focused on the rich bastards like the Koch Brothers who are the real sources of oppression for the vast majority of working class and poverty class people.

      Glenn Beck is only a whore as are most of their professional hate mongering liars for dollars.

      Remember: No war but Class War. The rich have been waging Class War against the working class and poverty class people for much of my life and I am an old hippie woman, old enough to remember before the rise of the right wing reich.

      Time working and poor people started waging class war against the rich.

    • cindy nowicki (@mamaearth2010) Says:

      Will you ask for the resignation of CEO Sam Yagan of OkCupid? It seems he also donated to Prop 8 when it was on the ballot. The hypocrisy of the left and “some” in the gay community is astounding.

      When was the last time a gay or lesbian was denied service, a job, etc? The activists who are crying out for the heads of those who do not support gay marriage will do nothing but hurt the ‘movement.’

      Mother Jones, a very far left site has posted this:


      • Suzan Says:

        Listen up you presumptuous piece of shit. Number one. You didn’t read anything written by me calling for the firing of the CEO of Mozilla because they donated to the bigoted hate campaign to deny LGBT people equal marriage rights.

        For what it is worth I think all CEOs are douchebags and I pretty much hate all of them including the late Steve Jobs.

        When it comes to being a CEO or spokesperson for a product one might be well advised to follow the dictum laid out by that right wing hack, Laura Ingraham in a book she wrote titled “Shut Up and Sing.”

        But if it makes you happy I will never use Ok Cupid. Like Coors Beer and Chick Fil A it is ultra easy for me to not buy a product I never bought in the first place.

        As for your rhetorical question or at least I assume it is a rhetorical question… I’m an old woman. I was born transsexual and grew up lesbian, I have faced a life time of hatred and bigotry, denial of opportunity because of it. As an old woman I face an old age filled with poverty due to the bigotry and discrimination of bigots.

        Activists will do what activists do. I will do what I do, which is report on that which I see fit to report on because that is what I do. I report, comment and document.

        When I do go to demonstrations they are far more likely to be demonstrations regarding labor issues or the environment.

        For the record Mother Jones is not a very far left site. Nor is The Nation or In These Times. The United States hasn’t had a real Left Wing since the late 1960s. It has a Nazi wing and the Democrats who are about as left as Nixon.

  3. Bonze Anne Rose Blayk Says:

    I jostled my memory a little bit, and came up with the most likely cause of Glenn Beck going off on this rant… he was probably somehow exposed to faux-conservative Andrew Sullivan’s recent rant in which he states his preference for “homosexual” while denouncing “LGBT” as “unpronounceable?”

    Just noting it.

    – bonzie anne

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