Outsourcing and Privatization are Killing America

`From Alternet:  http://www.alternet.org/economy/outsourcing-and-privatization-are-killing-america

Austerity and privatization harm, not help, people.

By The Thom Hartmann Show
March 27, 2014

With devastating austerity measures being imposed nationwide — state and local governments are facing a lot of budget crunches.

In an effort to make ends meet and bring in money — many of them are handing over control of public services to private corporations.

State and local governments are doing that because of the Reagan-era argument that private corporations are “always” able to run things more efficiently than governments.

But while privatization and outsourcing of public services may make sense on paper — it turns out they haven’t worked for the people.  George Washington and those other guys were onto something when they created a government for this nation!

A new report from the Colorado Center for Policy Studies at the University of Colorado has found that society pays a steep price for the outsourcing of government functions, with things like a weakened social infrastructure, increased economic inequality, poorer services or quality of care and hollowed-out civic institutions.

For example, the report noted that an analysis of the outsourcing of public healthcare in hundreds of counties across America found that, “Although primary care hours and access increased, the quality and quantity of well-baby care and home‐care for the elderly fell. Costs of providing care did fall, but at the ‘price’ of less access and quality in some critical areas.”

And as Michelle Chen points out over at The Nation, “When Shelby County Schools in Memphis contracted out janitorial services, what was supposed to be a more cost-effective labor arrangement collapsed when principals complained that that their schools were ‘not being cleaned properly,’ and the contract workers complained that they had been shorted on pay. In the process, 750 school jobs were lost for a ‘cost cutting’ contract that in the end, cheated workers and the community.”

And we’ve all seen what a disaster privatized prisons and Blackwater over in Iraq have been.

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