Today I Divested Myself of a Facebook “Friend”

This afternoon I unfriended a person, who posted a link to a Gendertrender post that attacked parents of transkids, who supported their  cildren transitioning while very young.

I consider the people of Gendertrender to be full blown Nazis who would cheerfully exterminate transsexual and transgender people.

Treating them as having anything legitimate to say id pretty much the same as citing David Barton on the intent of the Founding Fathers when it comes to the separation of church and state.

Or actually like citing a white supremacist on matters of race.

If you embrace the beliefs of those who post on Gendertrender I do not want to associate with you.

But with this person it went one step further.  They are part of the quasi-anti-Semitic BDS movement.  A movement that pretends their anti-Semitism is really anti-Zionism.

I do not support everything Israel does.  I sincerely wish there could be peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  But I am also aware of the repeated Muslim launched wars aimed at the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people living there.

I am aware of the suicide bombers that pushed the Israelis into their hard line position.

Further I am fully aware of the thinly disguised anti-Semitism on the part of many in the BDS movement.

Thinking for myself and having a personal set of ethics makes following any one’s party line difficult, especially when the people parroting that party line seem more intent on pushing an ill disguised radical agenda that is in contradiction to my personal values and ethics.

Too many of the ultra radicals on both the left and the right really embrace some pretty damned hateful ideologies.

So it goes… Disassociation with the click of a button.


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Putin Lover Glenn Beck Says The Obama Administration Is ‘Trying To Kill Christian Thought’

Paul Krugman: Tax the rich to thwart American aristocracy!

From Salon:

The New York Times columnist slams those who say raising taxes on the wealthy is un-American

In his latest column for the New York Times, award-winning economist and best-selling author Paul Krugman argues that raising taxes on the super-rich is not only necessary but is also well within American tradition.

Citing Teddy Roosevelt, the Republican president of the early 20th century, Krugman notes that Americans have a history of worrying about inequality and advocating fiscal measures to combat it.

Contrary to what many conservatives say, using the state to combat the concentration of great fortunes into a small number of hands has long been promoted and enacted buy Americans — in fact, Krugman argues, the animating egalitarian spirit behind the movement can be traced all the way back to Thomas Jefferson and his love for the small, independent farmer.

In the past, Krugman writes, Americans “were forthright in arguing that public policy should seek to limit inequality for political as well as economic reasons, that great wealth posed a danger to democracy.”

And for those conservatives who’d argue that today’s hyper-wealthy get their largess through high incomes, not inheritance or capital holdings, Krugman has some unwelcome news: “[T]hat view is a generation out of date,” Krugman writes. “New work by the economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman finds that the share of wealth held at the very top — the richest 0.1 percent of the population — has doubled since the 1980s” and is now just as bad as it was during the Gilded Age.

Krugman continues:

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Atheists Classified As Terrorists Under New Saudi Arabian Laws

Perhaps we need a movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Muslim Nations that fail to recognize basic human rights including the rights of women, LGBT people and non-believers.

From Huffington Post:

By Posted: 02/04/2014

Atheists are being defined as terrorists under a raft of new Saudi Arabian laws, a report from Human Rights Watch states.

The new laws are accompanied by a series of related royal decrees which appear to criminalise virtually all dissident thought or expression as terrorism.

“Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at HRW.

Regulations from the Interior Ministry cite “terrorism” provisions to include: “Calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based.”

Those who swear allegiance to any party, organisation, current of thought, group or individual inside or outside the kingdom are also included in the provisions. The Muslim Brotherhood and various Al Qaeda factions are also among those on the list.

The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of citizens travelling to Syria to take part in the civil war, the Independent writes.

The legislation will address those who return with newfound training and ideas about overthrowing the monarchy.

Participation via forms of audio, written, visual media, social media, websites are all included in the definition.

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Disturbing New Report: Air Pollution Killed 7 Million People in 2012—Or About 1 in 8 Premature Deaths

From Alternet:

The World Health Organization calls for major policy changes to counter the trend.

By Aaron Cantú
March 26, 2014

About 7 million deaths were attributable to air pollution in 2012, according to new estimates released by the World Health Organization. This more than doubles the figure from 2011.

The WHO estimates that approximately 3.7 million premature deaths are attributable to outdoor air pollution, and another 4.3 million are atrributable to indoor air pollution. Both kinds of pollution tend to affect more people in poor and developing countries, especially in Asia. While outdoor air pollution tends to be an urban phenomenon, indoor air pollution affects more women and children in rural areas, where women are forced to cook with solid fuels like coal, dung and agricultural byproducts.

In total, most deaths-by-atmosphere in 2012 were the results of stroke: 2,296,900. A close second was coronary artery disease, followed by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections. Nine percent of those killed were children, while the rest was about split even between men and women.

“Few risks have a greater impact on global health today than air pollution; the evidence signals the need for concerted action to clean up the air we all breathe,” said Dr. Maria Neira in a WHO press release.

By far the regions most at risk were located in South East Asia and the Western Pacific, which is perpetually blanketed by a haze of filth (the Southeast Haze) due to pollution from massive land-clearing fires mostly initiated by big palm oil companies.

The WHO says the figures are their most accurate yet due to advancements in atmospheric measurement technology. Distressingly, the number of deaths attributable to air pollution in 2012, doubled the estimate in 2011. Representatives from the organization said major policy changes are needed to counter the problem.

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