RuPaul Stokes Anger With Use of Transphobic Slur

Drag Queens and Drag Contests are soo passé and tired.

The same can be said of Mr. RuPaul.

I just can’t bring myself to watch that sort of bullshit.  I left that whole world forty some years ago because I found the whole drag queen scene stupid and boring, preoccupied with sex and drugs sans rock and roll.

Expecting wisdom from drag queens is like expecting a pig to sing high opera.  It ain’t gonna happen.

Transsexual/transgender people have our own artists and musicians in a wide range of genres.  We should give them more support and learn to ignore the aging gay boys in strange dresses as they are nothing but a bunch of transphobic misogynistic pigs.  Let them slither back to the pits they call drag bars.

Time to move on..

From The Advocate:

The controversial drag queen makes use of the transphobic term ‘shemale’ in a segment reminiscent of Maury Povich’s ‘Man or Woman?’ episodes.

BY Parker Marie Molloy
March 18 2014

Last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race featured a contest many on Twitter are calling transphobic. The game, “Female or Shemale,” pitted the contestants against each other in a quest to determine whether they were being shown a picture of — as RuPaul phrased it — “a biological woman or a psychological woman.”

In announcing the name of the game, “female” was said in a higher-pitched tone, while “shemale” was said in a low, gruff, masculine-sounding tone. The contestants laugh as they guess whether or not the body part they’re being shown belongs to a cisgender (nontrans) woman.

The show has a long history of using the term “shemale” in various plays on words, most notably during a segment called, “You’ve Got Shemail.” In last night’s game, contestants saw pictures of cisgender women Christina Aguilera, former WWE wrestler Chyna, and “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil, alongside photos of well-known drag queens.

“Shemale” is a word that historically refers to transgender women, most prominent in pornography. The word originated with transgender porn and doesn’t have roots in “drag culture,” as some have argued is the case with the word “tranny.”

GLAAD’s transgender media reference guide denotes two levels of terms to avoid: problematic and defamatory. “Shemale” falls under the defamatory heading, with GLAAD officials writing that the word — along with words like “tranny,” “shim,” and “gender-bender” — “only serves to dehumanize transgender people and should not be used.”

In response to a 2013 episode of CBS’s Mike & Molly, GLAAD called out the sitcom for its use of the word “shemale,” among other problematic portions of the episode.

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