Jesse Ventura rips bitchy billionaires: The poor work just as hard as you do

Actually he’s wrong. The poor often work much harder than the billionaires.  How often do billionaires get crippled or maimed by their work?  How often do billionaires get repetitive stress injuries that leave them with chronic pain?

From Raw Story:

By Eric W. Dolan
Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tuesday on his show “Off the Grid,” former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura “called bullsh*t” on the “one percent” who are complaining about anti-rich persecution despite being allowed to run amok in the United States.

“With great power comes great responsibility, and with great wealth comes the right to b*tch and moan when you’re being persecuted. Not on my watch. I’m knocking the silver spoons out of the number one percenters mouths on today’s ‘Off the Grid,’” he remarked.

Venture capitalist Tom Perkins recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that wealthy people like himself could end up being forced into Nazi-like concentration camps if liberals continued to wage a “progressive war on the American one percent.” In 2010, another venture capitalist, Steve Schwarzman, compared tax increases to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

Ventura said it looked like the ultra-rich had a “sickness” and were dangerously addicted to money.

“I think that’s what’s wrong with these one percenters. They have so much money they couldn’t spend it in their lifetime or their grandchildren’s lifetime, but it truly becomes a sickness.”

Ventura also questioned the conventional wisdom that billionaires earn their enormous salaries because they work more than the rest of Americans. He laughed at the notion that the one percent “work harder.”

“Is it work pushing numbers around on papers and moving decimal points?” he said. “Or is it work washing dishes or digging a ditch? Because I highly doubt that any of these one percenters — I’d love to know how many of them began like I did, at Mama Rosa’s restaurant washing dishes for $1.50 an hour. That’s work, and it’s as hard of work washing them dishes all day long as it would be doing what these CEOs do.”

“I’ve been a CEO, they don’t get their hands dirty very often,” Ventura added. “They go to all sorts of free meals all the time. They may put in the time and effort, but what you define as work, well, maybe it is mental work, but it is certainly not physical work.”

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