Anti-LGBT Bigot Paul Cameron open to death penalty for ‘dangerous’ gay ‘parasites’

From Raw Story:

By Travis Gettys
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The chairman of the Family Research Institute suggested the death penalty may be appropriate for sexually active LGBT people.

Dr. Paul Cameron discussed his views Tuesday on The David Pakman Show about the recent anti-homosexuality laws passed in Uganda.

“I’m not advocating the death penalty,” Cameron said. “I’m saying I’m open to it, depending on what the legislature of a given country decides.”

Cameron, who was expelled from both the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association under an ethics investigation, refused to outline how he might hypothetically implement such a punitive law.

But he willingly provided his reasoning for why he might support putting LGBT people to death.

“One must understand those who act on their homosexual desires or interests usually end up being parasites on society, and parasites that are very dangerous for society, not only because they take far more than they contribute to society, but they particularly injure children,” Cameron said.

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Discredited researcher Mark Regnerus has rough cross-examination

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

By Alvin McEwen
Mar. 4, 2014

Reposted with permission

Today, University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus was crossed examined by the lawyers seeking to overturn Michigan’s law against marriage equality and second-parent adoption.

Regnerus is the author of the discredited study which claimed that same-sex parenting harms children.  Even though the study has been denounced by several sources, including Regnerus’ own university, the state of Michigan called him as an expert witness.

Yesterday, he was questioned by the lawyers for the state of Michigan. If you ask me, I think he burned himself big time:

 The Human Rights Campaign linked to tweets by Tresa Baldas, a staff writer for the Detroit Free Press, who noted that Regnerus admitted that he is “not a fan” of same-sex marriage and that adoption and foster-parenting are “not the ideal” and that he is “not a fan” of in vitro fertilization because in his view, it “reduces kinship.” Baldas also tweeted that Regnerus denied creating the study to derail same-sex marriage but said that a group that funded it wanted to use it before the Supreme Court.

For now, there isn’t a lot of information about how he did in today’s cross examination from the media because much of the attention seems to be focused on the paradox of a professor’s own university AND his own department in the university – sociology – denouncing his research.

However, if the following tweets hold true, it can be assumed that Regnerus had a rough time at it.

The first few are from Charlie Langton, TV/Radio Legal Analyst  for WJBK Fox 2 and WWJ News Radio 950 via the webpage Peacock Panache:

According to ex-Politico senior writer, Steve Friess, the attorney for the couple suing Michigan, ACLU attorney Leslie Cooper, attempted to make the case that Regnerus’ study was an attempt to influence the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision:

Atty reads Rengerus email from 9/2010 asking “what [Witherspoon folks and Maggie Gallagher” expect” from the research. #gaymarriage
— Steve Friess (@SteveFriess) March 4, 2014

Witherspoon guy’s email tells Regnerus that he wants study results before a major SCOTUS case on #gaymarriage.
— Steve Friess (@SteveFriess) March 4, 2014

The following tweet forwarded by Friess was from reporter Amy Lange, who was receiving much praise for her live tweeting of Regnerus’ testimony:

Atty references email from Luis Tellez of Witherspoon Sept 22, 2010. “Move on it – don’t dilly dally…”
— Amy Lange (@langeamyFOX2) March 4, 2014

So how did Regnerus do? We will see via the judge’s decision. However, Dan Savage tweeted the following:

.@UTAustin anti-gay scholar-for-hire Mark Regnerus being destroyed under cross-examination in Michigan. @SteveFriess is live-tweeting it.
— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) March 4, 2014

Regnerus testifying on cross examination says the “ideal biological family”–doesn’t have to be a “happy” family, just raise kids together.
— Charlie Langton (@charlielangton) March 4, 2014

Regnerus prefers no divorce, no sperm banks, no blended families….calls children from these groups, “diminished kinship.”
— Charlie Langton (@charlielangton) March 4, 2014

Regnerus has no opinion if it’s better for children to be in the foster care system or with a same sex couple.
— Charlie Langton (@charlielangton) March 4, 2014

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First Marijuana Commercial Debuts on Major Network

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The jet that ate the Pentagon

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I’m Trans* and I Have a Right to Date However I Want (Even If It’s Not Heteronormative)

From Huffington Post:

J Mase III

I didn’t realize I was doing anything differently from my friends until the first time it happened. I was on a date with a beautiful butch woman, and I put my hand on the small of her back. She said no one had ever done that before, and that she kind of liked it although it was still a weird feeling. It happened again when I was on the way to a party with a trans guy I had been dating. He had primarily only dated femme women and alerted me to the fact that when he was dating guys they usually just act like his homeboys in public and that I needed to be aware of that (and conform). It happened again when I was dating a queer woman who always had to refer to me as her girlfriend with her family because she didn’t know how to explain me as her “boyfriend”. It seems as though throughout my entire dating life, I’ve experienced the type of gender expectations that leave many trans* and gender non-conforming folks, like myself, feeling not only romantically unloved, but like we don’t have a right to it.

I am what many would perceive as a visibly queer person. Sometimes I pass as a gay man, sometimes I’m seen as a butch woman, some perceive me as a 15 year old version of one of those two options, but regardless of what I am passing as, it’s always been pretty queer. I identify myself as being on the transmasculine spectrum and being attracted to other masculine bodies: whether that is butch/stud women, trans/cis men, genderqueery/fluid folks, etc. What tends to come up in my dating scenarios is a whole lot of crap relating to the internalized homo and transphobia sitting just under the surface of my potential relationships. Whether it has been folks that got used to the idea of not holding hands or being touched in public to individuals that just didn’t want to be perceived as “too queer” trying to relegate our affections as a way of damage control in a heteronormative world that isn’t ready. Many of us recoil from the very idea that we are lovable. Or we think the way we love has to fit the norms of a society that doesn’t affirm us in any way to begin with. It is being set up by friends on dates with high femme people, when my attraction is to masculinity because as a masculine presenting trans* person my attraction to masculinity is me being “difficult”. So, let me say it here, I’m queer, I’m trans* and I deserve a whole lot of love. And you do too.

I didn’t really want this to be a list blog, but hey, I go where the mood takes me. So, here it is, all you beautiful trans* and GNC folks all over the globe. A list of what we have a right to in the romance department. Because yes, we’re kind of awesome, we deal with a lot of crap and we deserve a whole lot of good loving in whatever way we want it! (Because we also have a right to WANT.)

1. I deserve to interact with dating partners that are excited to be with me, whether I am a monogamous person, a poly person or on-a-whole-‘nother-level-relationship type person.

2. I deserve to have someone(s) in my life that is EXCITED to hold my hand and maybe even, gasp, KISS me in public. (’cause I’m kind of awesome.)

3. I deserve someone(s) that understands my gender and doesn’t leave it to me to always be the one to correct another person.

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