The Sanctimonious Self-Righteousness of Politically Correct Jerks

The Left is plagued with more Politically Correct than thou sanctimonious jerks.  They exhibit the same mindless true believer self-righteousness one often associates with extreme right wing jerks.

A few days ago I found myself laughing my ass off while reading a piece on The Portland Intelligencer.


Sanctimonious Portland Activist Tells Native American to Not Self-Reference as an ‘Indian’

This and other attempts to teach him to behave in an appropriate manner fall on deaf ears.

Published: 01/02/2014

PORTLAND, OR — Wynter Amelie is, among other things, an activist, who hails from Portland, OR. Her hobbies include traveling around the world, to witness and learn. “I like to base my opinions on first-hand experience,” she explains.

But when Amelie’s journey brought her to the Puyallup Indian Reservation, she found her tolerance — and her patience — tested to the limits, and perhaps a good deal beyond.

“He was frying up something called popovers, in olive oil this time,” retells Amelie, “when he asked if I had ever had Indian food before.”

“It took me a moment to realize that he must have meant Native American food,” she recalls, with obvious discomfort. “I clearly had a lot of work to do.”

“Before long, I was teaching him about sustainability and locally-empowered community structures, when I went to help myself to some beer, and I noticed the Cascadian flag sticker on his refrigerator. Talk about neocolonial erasure! I told him that joining a cult of bioregionalism does not make him a radical®, and that he needed to be flying the flag of his First Nation, instead — whichever one it would be, I really don’t know.”

“I quickly reached my breaking point with his oppressive use of language,” Amelie recalls. “It was time to do some calling-out.”

“The thing of it is, he didn’t even seem to ‘get’ what was going on. He seemed to think that this was ‘sharing time’ — he started talking himself about examples of oppression, and kept offering stories about his family that were supposed to be somehow related to the topics I was covering. And, ugh — I was so disgusted when he brought up the draft, that I completely lost my appetite! I ended up having to throw away most of my food, right into the trash. His non-apology for even bringing it up was pretty weak.”

“Then he began talking about Wall Street and the banks, as if this was 2011 or something. That was my first clue that this dude was just racist — and then he quoted a misogynistic Ani Difranco lyric! ‘Women learn to be women, men learn to be men.’ Wow! I mean, if he’s going to start quoting white supremacists, why doesn’t he just play some Saga while he’s at it?”

“Our conversation, overall, was quite stimulating. Her knowledge of the history of this land is quite keen,” blandishes Rogers. “I offered some personal stories about what’s happened over the past few generations of my family, to continue the narrative. Specifically, about how my father was drafted into the war, and how he never really came back — his descent into depression and alcoholism; and how that manifested abusively, ultimately leading to me and my siblings being raised by my grandparents. My grandfather was also drafted, into World War II, and he constantly relived the nightmare, which had its own impact on our domestic life,” he whiningly drones on, as if this were a paid therapy session. “Much of my own issues, as an adult, stem from this violence, despite my personally never having been in the military. The effects of wars from generations ago are still visited onto our children, even today.”

“Don’t misunderstand that to mean that I am appropriating the issues faced specifically by my father or grandfather,” he adds, just after having blatantly appropriated their issues — seemingly oblivious to, or at least uncaring of, the erasing effect this has on their voices.

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I’ve gone through this scenario in the past with a number of the politically perfect Transgender Borg who have told me how my forty-five years of living as a transitioned woman do not give me the experience to contradict their dogma or even voice a dissenting opinion.

This sort of behavior isn’t really about furthering any sort of solidarity or meeting of the minds through any sort of discussion. It is really about demonstrating one’s superiority, how one is morally better, more sensitive etc than others.

Among the tools that get used in this game are the insistence on “trigger warnings” when ever anyone is describing a violent situation they may have survived, thereby taking attention away from the person who survived the situation and placing it on the sanctimonious soul who is sensitive to having her bad memories triggered by merely hearing about another person’s horror story.

This sort of behavior is movement killing stuff.

There has been a piece going around the Trans-Intertubes the last couple of days about men who wear these silicone second skins that make them appear like female rubber dolls.

‘When I put on a mask and wig I become one of the beautiful people’: Secrets of men who dress up as rubber dolls revealed in new documentary

Years ago I remember seeing such a thing  in a sex toy catalogue one of my BDSM friends had.

I found some of the stuff in the catalog pretty strange and incredibly expensive.

I sort of find the whole idea really pretty creepy, unsettling in the same way the photography of Cindy Sherman or Joel-Peter Witkin is disturbing and creepy.

When one of my friends questioned my being creeped out by this I explained how I can understand cos-play and even the Plushy/Furry thing but how this seemed almost like the character in Silence of the Lambs donning the skins of women he had murdered.

I asked how people would feel about someone who donned such a mask if the person donning the mask were white and the mask made them appear black?

Cultural appropriation is something people get taken to task for.   I have a hard time taking accusations of cultural appropriation seriously because as the world grows ever more multicultural and less culturally segregated these things like food, clothing, art and music become part of the greater cultural commons.

Yet there is something unsettling about this donning of a mask.

Transsexual and transgender people transition to reveal their true selves. Masking on the other hand is an act of appropriation of the form of another that hides the wearer’s true self.

The semiotics of masking aside though.

I have the right to find the act creepy.  Being trans does not require me to embrace the world of kink.  I can or should be able to say, “I find this behavior creepy,” without being accused of bigotry by some self-righteous twit who is convinced of her own moral superiority.

After all being creeped out by something is not the same as saying the person engaging in said activity should be persecuted or discriminated against.

Let’s role play substituting vegans and their disgust towards meat eaters. Does the disgust of vegans for meat eaters make them bigots?

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    “Let’s role play substituting vegans and their disgust towards meat eaters. Does the disgust of vegans for meat eaters make them bigots?”


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