Robin Roberts Comes Out, Thanks ‘Long Time Girlfriend’ And?

It is almost 2014…

Sometime around two A.M. on the morning of December 31 1968 I came out to some of the best friends I ever had.  I didn’t exactly articulate every thing that rather hysterical night, but I set foot on the path that lead to my coming out and starting the process of changing sex.  The actual coming out as transsexual took a couple of months, initially everyone assumed I was coming out a gay.

That was a long time ago.

That was before Stonewall.

At that point coming out meant something.

It was daring.  We didn’t have same sex marriage in over a third of the states.  We didn’t have all these corporations with non-discrimination policies.

Now we have a national coming out day, which is something meaningful to newbies…  I guess but pretty damn ho-hum to me.

Coming out is meaningful to the person doing it, a statement of self.

But for most of us, the folks who made coming out a common thing…

It has been a long time since coming out was something courageous or daring.  After all being LGBT isn’t strange or alien, it’s just something some people are.

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