I’m Just Not Obsessed With Gender and/or Some Supposed Gender Binary

Gender seems to be an obsession of the religious right, corporate advertisers, Feminist Studies/Gender Studies Majors and a lot of TS/TG folks.


Not so much…

Do I think some aspects of gender are innate?

Please…  If you don’t then you have never watched Animal Planet.  Humans are animals, animals show gender and aren’t socialized into that role therefore some of what we call gender is innate.

Make-up, high heels and all the merchandise of gender?  That’s socialization.

I get really tired of people in the TG Community telling me I have to fight the “gender binary.”

No what I have to do is pay the mortgage, gas, power, water etc so that I don’t become homeless in my old age.

As I wrote earlier this week the holiday season has become a time when people feel they have license to hit you with begging pleas and guilt trip you for not giving.

Do people live in a vacuum?  Aren’t folks aware of how the middle class has been destroyed and how little most people have now that a handful of people have so much?

I’m a product of the 1960s.  I don’t have a problem with people expressing themselves any way they feel when it comes to gender.  I’ve spent my live in bohemian alternative cultures where marching to the beat of your own drummer is considered admirable.

But your cause is your cause and there is a difference between asking me to support your cause and demanding I support it via guilt tripping me if I have other priorities.

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