How GOP Oligarchs and the Christian Right Are Hiding Behind the 1st Amendment to Ram Through Their Political Agenda

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From Alternet:

The Tea Party is turning the Constitution’s most fundamental protections into a refuge for scoundrels and billionaires.

By Steven Rosenfeld
November 30, 2013

Once again, the First Amendment has become the latest refuge for America’s scoundrels and oligarchs: Republicans who only want to follow rules they like are declaring that their speech and religious freedoms are being violated unless they get their way.

This fraudulent flag-waving is unfolding in two high-profile fights. The first is the latest front in the ongoing  war on Obamacare, where the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would  hear two suits brought by Christian business owners who don’t want to include birth control in employee health plans.

The second is the GOP’s  effort to block anti-corruption campaign finance laws. The GOP is screaming censorship after Obama’s Treasury Department proposed new rules that might deter political operators like Karl Rove from using non-profit charities as front groups for attacks on specific candidates—which goes beyond promoting issues.

In both instances, the scoundrels contend that the First Amendment lets them do what they want, and any contrary view—such as new laws or regulations from the Obama administration—is an affront to their fundamental freedom to do as they please.

The Obamacare challenge came out of dozens of suits filed soon after the Affordable Care Act became law. The Christian Right objected to including birth control options in health plans. The administration’s response was to issue rules noting that the minimum coverage standards for businesses, which included a full range of reproductive care, differed from houses of worship—which were given more latitude on including birth control.

However, the Christian-owned businesses whose challenges are coming to the Supreme Court argue that corporations share the same religious rights as citizens under the First Amendment. This is the latest effort by the Right to treat corporations as people with a complete complement of constitutional rights.

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