Fallon Fox responds to Ashlee Evans-Smith, who says trans fighters should be barred from women’s MMA

From Out Sports:  http://www.outsports.com/2013/11/20/5123442/fallon-fox-ashlee-evans-smith-trans-mma

Despite saying that Fox isn’t the better fighter and has disadvantages, Evans-Smith doesn’t think Fox should fight women

on Nov 20 2013

Ashlee Evans-Smith, the woman who handed me my first professional MMA loss, now says that I have unfair advantages that should bar me from competing against other women. Let me repeat: The fighter WHO BEAT ME says I have UNFAIR ADVANTAGES.

“I don’t feel like Fallon should fight dudes,” she said. “I don’t feel like she should fight women. I feel like there should be a unique organization for those needs. She did have an advantage. She definitely did.” [Check out the interview of Evans-Smith below]

Her interview was hard to watch. She started out by saying that I didn’t have a strength advantage or a cardio advantage, which is exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time. Then she went on to say that I hit hard.

Damn right I hit hard! I’m a MMA fighter and that’s what we do! It’s not as if there are not other female MMA fighters who can hit as hard as or harder than me. Marciea Allen has trained with me before, and it’s been my experience that she hits harder than me. When I fought Allana Jones, both of us could tell that I hit harder than her. So, I fit pretty neatly in the variation of strength and punching power alongside my sister competitors.

I’m not complaining about the advantages Ashlee had over me, and I lost. Her leg strength was stronger than mine for sure. It aided her technique when I took her down and she just sprang back up almost every time. It plays well into her fighting style.

And she admitted that her cardio was better for this fight. So, do I then go around complaining about her physical attributes or skill? Do I now say, “Hey, Ashley was taller than me, her legs were stronger, her cardio was better. She beat me, what the hell? I think that fighters with her characteristics should be in a separate category from all other female fighters!”

No, I won’t say that.  I realize that all female fighters come with different attributes and we compete with each other in order to see who is better at getting around them within the category of “woman.”  That is the whole point.

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