London to pay tribute to murdered trans victims

From Gay Star News UK:

To mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, Paris Lees will speak at an event with musicians, poets and mourners

By Joe Morgan
19 November 2013

Trans activist, journalist and broadcaster Paris Lees, who topped The Independent’s Pink List, will be delivering the key note address.

While the first half will be a period to mourn, as the attendees remember the 238 trans people murdered in 2013, the second half will be a celebration of trans lives.

Trans musicians, poets and others will be entertaining the crowd, including Yui Karlberg and Naechané Valantino.

Natacha Kennedy, trans activist, told Gay Star News: ‘The reason we do this is because no one else does, and no one will remember their lives.

‘It’s about drawing the attention of the authorities and other organizations to this…

‘If we can start putting pressure on the governments like we are with Russia and the Sochi Olympics, then maybe we can stop them turning a blind eye to it.’

Kennedy will be speaking at the event, alongside Roz Kaveney and Jon Gierson.

This year, Brazil once again had the most murders with 95 trans people losing their lives.

Other countries include Mexico, with 40 deaths, United States, with 16, Venezuala with 15 and Colombia, with 12.

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