Yet More Proof that “Christian” is Synonymous with Liar

Girls with lesbian parents 45% less likely to graduate high school

Lifesite News:

by Christine Kim
Thu Nov 07, 2013

November 6, 2013 (Heritage) – Children living with married opposite-sex parents were more likely to graduate from high school than peers living with cohabiting, single, or same-sex parents, according to a new study in the Review of the Economics of Households.

This finding is consistent with the decades of research on children’s educational outcomes and family structure. However, this study is relatively unique because it uses data (a 20 percent sample of the 2006 Canadian census) that offers a sufficiently large nationally representative sample of children (ages 17–22) in same-sex-parent homes. So far, only four studies analyzing three U.S. datasets offer such or similar data (two on the 2000 U.S. Census, one on the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, and another on the New Family Structure Study).

The Canadian data has several advantages for studying the topic, including:

  • In Canada, taxation and government benefits have been available to same-sex couples since 1997, and Canadian law recognized same-sex marriage beginning in 2005.
  • Children self-identified as living with same-sex parents.

Specifically, the study looks at the likelihood of graduating from high school. It identifies six family types: married opposite-sex (which may include remarried parents), common law opposite-sex, gay parents (two dads, married or common law); lesbian parents (two moms, married or common law), single mothers, and single fathers. It also accounts for important characteristics of children and parents.

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One Response to “Yet More Proof that “Christian” is Synonymous with Liar”

  1. dentedbluemercedes Says:

    The Doug Allen study is another Regnerus attempt, formulating a conclusion and then looking for the data to achieve it. He’s networked with anti-LGBT groups for some time, but is probably hoping that because the American left doesn’t pay attention to what goes on in Canada, no one will notice.

    Expect this to start out lower profile, but eventually exploited as fully as the Regnerus study.

    After the polygamy ruling happened here, there was a lot of buzz in the Canadian far right that if harm could be demonstrated (i.e. fabricated), it might be possible to end marriage equality and push back against LGBT rights via the courts.

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