FRC Literally Prays To God To Kill ENDA And Keep LGBT People From ‘Inappropriate Occupations’

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

by David Badash
October 31, 2013

No doubt you are always amused when anti-gay hate groups bemoan their all-too-well-earned label of anti-gay hate group. They always claim it’s unfair, that they aren’t haters, that they’re merely following God’s will, or God’s word, or that it’s the fault of the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center which calls anyone who disagrees with “God’s view of marriage” a hate group.

Of course, that’s all false.

The Southern Poverty Law Center takes great pains and spends years studying groups before they label them hate groups.

And those hate groups always keep working to earn that label.

Take the Family Research Council, who yesterday offered this disgusting statement attacking ENDA:

“This law would mandate the employment of homosexual, bisexual and ‘transgendered’ individuals in inappropriate occupations, disregarding the fact that sexual conduct may be relevant to employment.”

That’s just all kinds of wrong — and, quite possibly already illegal if put into practice.

What is an “inappropriate occupation” for an LGBT person, anyway?

Knowing that the Senate will likely vote on ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, next week, and seeing the huge momentum the bill is gathering, what does Tony Perkins‘ Family Research Council do?

Pray to God ENDA is defeated.

Yes, literally pray to God:

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