Can We Finally Bury the Transphobic Slur that Labels Male to Female TS/TG folks as Having Male Privilege?

It is incredible stupid not to mention anachronistic to claim that any sort of analysis of privilege can be made along a single axis with the exception perhaps of class privilege.

Class privilege may well trump all other form of privilege.

I get really furious when some twit, who was privileged from birth with every educational opportunity possible, tutors, trips to Europe, and every lesson imaginable tries to tell me I had male privilege.

I was an obvious transkid. The bullying started before I entered kindergarten.

I grew up in mill and mining towns and went to schools that reflected the economic realities of those impoverished communities.

Therefore when someone who went to private schools capped with a degree from one of the Ivies tries to pull the privilege put down out on me I take it with a strong dose of skepticism

Now let us suppose that being TS/TG wasn’t an exceptional burden for any child to grow up with.

That would presuppose the transkid wasn’t obvious, that it wasn’t written on their body and they didn’t have their education destroyed by bullying.

While this wasn’t my experience enough sisters have gone through the military for me to think this is possible.

We all have one thing in common.  At some point in our lives we come out and transition.

Considering how T to F transsexual and transgender people have to fight to be considered part of the human race, much less women is it really reasonable to smack us around with the male privilege slur?

Further this gets used in a gender policing manner that requires us to adhere to some of the strictest gender guidelines this side of some of the fundie religious cults.

If our status as female goes unquestioned then we are free to be loose in our embrace of gender without taking a bunch of shit.  Unless we out ourselves to people we think are our friends with in the lesbian/feminist world.

Then our doing anything is seen as residual male privilege.  Even if we learned the skill long after transitioning and had to put up with all sorts of sexist bull shit to learn it.

I feel sorry for those sisters who aren’t able to blend in.  What sort of male privilege is there to being obviously TS/TG?  To being unable to get a job or walk down the street without being taunted?

But there is a real test, one that is pretty much a fail by anyone’s standards.

How many cis-gender women would be willing to wear the label of transwoman?

One would think that all sorts of cis-gender women would embrace the label in exchange for all the privilege transwomen are supposed to have.

But I be willing to bet damned few would risk coming out to their friends as being a transwoman, even as part of a psych experiment to record their friend’s reactions.

Most of those who hurl this slur are simply being hateful and displaying their own norm-born cis-privilege.  They know full well that TS/TG people go through life taking shit cis-gender folks would be appalled at were it to happen to them.

The real kicker is we are just supposed to suck it up and absorb the bullshit, just like we did when we were transkids.

8 Responses to “Can We Finally Bury the Transphobic Slur that Labels Male to Female TS/TG folks as Having Male Privilege?”

  1. Janet L. Says:

    I don´t remember being bullied, but. . . I basically did not expose myself to other kids, save a very small cadre of frinds, in less-than-fully supervised situations.

    Ever. Ever. Under any circumstances whatsoever.

    I don´t think I used a restroom in junior high or highschool more than a dozen times. Not per week, or month or even year, but in the six years between grade school and graduation. I percieved restrooms as being WAY too dangerous to use except in dire need.

    As for ¨male priviledge,¨ I may have had a bit, getting patientce from my parents through many changes of major in college, but, on the other hand, I first moved out of my parent´s house at the ripe old age of 30, which might be more typical for girls. . .

  2. Kaethe Voherden Says:

    To some extent I agree with your post. The issue I see with male privilege is that even if kicking and screaming someone grows up with both the curse and the privilege of being seen as male, losing those behavioral patterns is not about simply saying I was not privileged because I was trans whatever, but rather stripping them out of your behavior.

    • Suzan Says:

      I question whether or not the thing TS/TG women get beaten up on for are male privilege. Obnoxious behavior isn’t a matter of male privilege. If it were the Trans Exterminationist Radical Fems must all be male. Indeed privilege isn’t about behavior. Privilege is never having to prove your value because your superiority is presumed. Privilege is having the best of everything handed to you from the cradle.

      Privilege is not suffering abuse and bullying while being treated like one is sub-human from the time one starts showing gender behavior deemed improper for the sex one was assigned in the cradle.
      For what it is worth many women are far more privileged than the vast majority of men because privilege is mostly based on wealth.

  3. Kaethe Voherden Says:

    So you are asserting that the abused and bullied have no privilege because they are abused. Is that not a little simplistic?

    • Suzan Says:

      No what is absurd and simplistic is the idea that TS/TG folks are more privileged than cis-gender scum like you. Your argument bears a strong resemblance to those put forward by white racists arguing against affirmative action. I suspect that is because you have a lot in common with your Christo-Nazi brethren.

      • Kaethe Voherden Says:

        Ah Goodwin’s law coming rushing in as the cavalry. I would have expected a more differentiated view from you. So you are saying that for instance white women although oppressed in some ways (let’s say income disparity) are not privileged in others? Your last comment is simply made to ensure my silencing in this conversation. Yet it does not address the underlying issues. Are really that blinded by your own victimization of self?

        • Suzan Says:

          You lose. Any right wing scum invoking Godwin’s rule is an automatic loser around here. Godwin’s rule has always been a right wing scumbag shield. One that has never had an equivalent for hippie punching, red baiting or for that matter attacking atheists. It has never once been invoked against Tea Bagger scum attacking President Obama.

          Perhaps you think I’m willing to debate TERF scum like you on my blog. Well whine all you want about how mean I am not to debate you. But do it on your own blog. Here you are aTERF and plonked.

          • Suzan Says:

            Kaethe Voherden is Plonked. Arguing with TERF is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and annoys the pig.

            It is sort of like arguing with Taliban Christers or Dittoheads.

            It takes two to make a fight and I am opting out.

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