Being TS/TG Doesn’t Make One a Good Decent Person

I have been friends with hundreds of TS/TG men and women in real life and hundreds more on line.

Some are the finest people I have ever met.

Most of us are just struggling along trying the best we can to stay true to ourselves and our own morals.  Many of us want to leave the world a better place and have our own causes in addition the issues surrounding the lives of TS/TG people.

For many of us transitioning brings a startling awareness of the world of unconsidered privileges.

But just being TS/TG doesn’t make one automatically a good person.

I have a real feeling that being TS/TG just means you are TS/TG.

I know the impulses that made me a trans-activist, a feminist, and LGBT activist, and an environmentalist were formed years before. They were formed seeing the lunch counter sit-ins on the evening news and in Life Magazine. They grew out of growing up close to the mountains, lakes, streams and woods of the Adirondacks. They grew out of the songs of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

But mostly the grew out of being raised with that strong Yankee ethos still found in places like Vermont, that sense of decency and righteous anger at irrational prejudice and injustice.

I’m sure others would credit different sources for the development of their ethos and morality.

All I am saying is that Those sisters and brothers who are good, decent, highly ethical people were that sort of person prior to their transition.

I have also known TS/TG people who were stone cold racists, bigots, homophobes, anti-Semites and ironically TG/TS hating bigots lacking the self awareness that would allow them to see their bigotry as being a reflection of their own inner turmoil and self hatred.

I’m pretty damned sure they were that way prior to their transitioning and stayed that way. Never gaining a drop of compassion or empathy along the way.

From what I have seen of some of the TS/TG hating TS/TG bigots every single sick and miserable label, every deviant perverted drive they try to label  other people with is more applicable to them than it is others.

These sad sick individuals as exemplified by Jennifer Usher engage in some of the nastiest forms of trolling and unmitigated filthy hate speech found on the internet.

They libel and slander other TS/TG people with a level of vapid viciousness usually found only on Neo-Nazi, MRA, Christo-Fascist or TERF sites. Yet if anyone would fail the tests for “True Transsexual” it is Jennifer “more than a transvestite but less than a transsexual” Usher.  A late emerging, formerly married heterosexual cross-dresser who thought transition would put some magic into her life.

Jennifer Usher was a miserable excuse for a human being when I first encountered her on the Usenet nearly 20 years ago and hasn’t improved one iota since.  If anything Usher has gotten worse.

Usher is so vile that even Elizabeth over at Notes From the T-Side, an HBS blog, is fed up with her as is Cassandra Speaks.

Now both Elizabeth and Cassandra are too HBS purist for me to support on general principles yet we are united in our supporting the rights of transkids being able to transition while still children including the right to use the gender appropriate restrooms and have the gender appropriate sports opportunities.

Perhaps we remember being transkids, something Usher never experienced.

I may be a lesbian identified bisexual woman yet I was a transkid. It was written on my body for all the world to read even before I first came out to my parents when I was 15 or transitioned at 21.

I know how much easier my life would have been if I had been able to transition as a kid and complete my education with the sort of parental and institutional support these kids are getting.

Unlike Usher I do not get my information from Wing Nut Daily or some right wing Christo-Fascist radio babbler.

I actually trust my decent TS/TG activist friends and the LGBT political and support institutions providing the support that allows these kids to have as non-disrupted a childhood and educational experience as possible.

Only an ugly hateful loser like Usher would embrace the bigotry spewed by the Neo-Nazi right, and the bigots who have decried that TS/TG people are to be the latest designated scapegoats now that  marriage equality as an issue has turned into a losing proposition.

9 Responses to “Being TS/TG Doesn’t Make One a Good Decent Person”

  1. Jessica Sideways Says:

    People like Usher make me sad, and yet thankful at my good fortune for starting my transition at the age of 20… it’ll be six years in a week and a half. 🙂

    • Suzan Says:

      Let’s see… Forty-six years ago I was at the Pentagon Demonstration Forty-three years ago I had been on hormones for 7 or 8 months and full time since mid June.

      I’ve met sisters and brothers who were/are racists and bigots but it is rare to find a TS/TG person who is so self-hating and so quick to project their own short comings on others as Usher. I first encountered Usher on the Usenet in late 1995 early 96.

      She’s gotten worse, something I thought was impossible.

      • Jessica Sideways Says:

        Yeah, the only person I have met close to Usher would be the TG lady who told me that my transition was a failure because I gained weight. Never mind that she was larger than I. 😉

  2. steviejayne Says:

    I’ve only come across Usher in the last year or so – and it is my considered opinion that she is a hypocrite who would fail her own tests of “true” transsexual. If she has had SRS then the psychiatrists who signed off on her are clearly doing a Russell Reid and writing referrals which are without merit.

    She seems to think she has a direct line to “God” and yet in everything else she says “wait for the evidence” – yet she is so blind she cannot see there is no evidence for her “God” and that she is just a whoopee cushion who bears the imprint of whichever christo-fascist lay preacher she last heard.

    Her blog is full of hate and so dogmatic. She needs to learn to engage the brain before using the keyboard. Or, as my Mum told me when young – it is better to stay silent and have the world think she is an idiot than waste her keystrokes confirming it.

    She is obsessed with the bathroom issue too. She’s certainly wrong on this particular case – this child needs help and support, not an ageing tranny telling her to use the the boys’ facilities. This child is clearly a girl – whereas Usher has acknowledged herself that she was a late transitioner with several issues and was married with children (ie an AG according to Blanchard/Bailey).

    A close friend who passed away just short of 10 years ago had a word for people like Usher – WOFTAM – (Waste of Fucking Time and Money) – She would have told Usher straight out that she is a man. It is people like Usher which give all of us a bad reputation by parading themselves on freak shows.

    If I spoke to her, or could be arsed to comment on her blog, I would have one sentence to say to her – get a life.

  3. steviejayne Says:

    My first march was in 1972 on Hastings seafront with my family when my dad’s union were out on strike during the Heath government which was determined to starve out the postworkers – I also remember the support we had within the community with help and food parcels from friends and family.

    Seeing the difference between selective and comprehensive education first hand shaped me too. I was in the secondary modern school having failed my 11-plus but the year below were comprehensive and had much more resources so that helped me be a socialist.

    Then there was the time I organised a petition within the school against a bullying teacher – got over 500 signatures! I also got the cane for it – but was moved out of the teacher’s woodwork class.

    Then there was a school strike I was involved in, and being dragged down from a drainpipe trying to get to the roof to join a rooftop protest which made the Daily Mail.

    I’ve also been involved with trades unions most of my life and became a TU rep working on personal cases to help those in trouble.

    I’m on the left because of my experiences in life. Becoming the woman I am is just another part of my life, but the experiences of life shaped the woman I am.

  4. Karen Says:

    “Jennifer Usher was a miserable excuse for a human being when I first encountered her on the Usenet nearly 20 years ago and hasn’t improved one iota since.”

    Has it been that long already?!!!

    What I don’t understand after al thee years is why anybody pays attention to such antics. It got old a LONG time ago for me.

    • Suzan Says:

      I checked out Usenet on a friends machine in late 1995 early 96 just before I brought my 486 build up and on line. It was in the days of dial up so it was when I first came on line. I didn’t even say anything fro the first few months and then I got hooked on the news groups for about a year before going ovwer to mailing lists. I was there for the really serious ugliness.

  5. steviejayne Says:

    Usher has a habit of saying anyone who disagrees with her is a male. Anyone who points out reality gets called “sir”. In reality going by her own criteria she is Mr “Jennifer” Usher.

    • Jessica Sideways Says:

      Yeah, and many of the Usenet people urged me to call her that too… show her the same consideration that she shows others. I, of course, refuse to. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes the world blind and toothless” is my philosophy.

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