Dead Links and People Becoming Post-TS/TG

Every six months or so I go through the links along the side of my Blog and get rid of those who haven’t posted anything new for five or six months or so.

Some Blogs just disappear.

But every time there are a couple of sisters who leave a last post saying something to the effect that now they are post-op they have discovered they have different priorities in life.

This is easy to understand.  I went through the same thing myself.

So much of the Transsexual/Transgender Community is about transition and transition has little to do with the rest of people’s lives.

I have a hard time with people writing about how thrilled they are with having been on hormones a few weeks or going full time.  I am more than willing to give an encouraging word to some one who sounds suicidal and tell them don’t do it, it really can get better.

But I honestly don’t care about people’s excitement over transition.  I did it so long ago I have no real advice to offer.

I think TS/TG activist need to give up the guilt tripping of people, who walk away from the so called community.  People are entitled to their own lives and have the right to live them as they wish with out a bunch of people giving them shit.

I don’t do groups or TS/TG community meetings.  I do occasionally do a demonstration, usually for employment non-discrimination.

When I go to DOR events I wonder about the real ogre in the room.  High risk sex work due to lack of alternatives.

Part of what keeps this blog going is it’s not being just about Trans-issues.  Rather it is about the issues that face most of us including TS/TG people.

4 Responses to “Dead Links and People Becoming Post-TS/TG”

  1. tinagrrl Says:

    In other words, no matter what some TS-TG folks seem to think, they are all part of the human race. That is true no matter what you have been told or taught most all your life. No amount of internalized shame, no amount of rejection, no amount of law suits, divorce proceedings, etc., etc., etc. invalidates you status as human. Religious fanatics be damned.

    You, me, we, are all HUMAN and deserving of HUMAN RIGHTS.

    I suspect some folks either forget that, don’t really believe that, or are so alienated that being a part of the greater whole is beyond their comprehension.

    Time helps. Fitting into a new life/role helps. Finding new friends might help — just don’t fall prey to the idea you are less than, or other than, human.

  2. steviejayne Says:

    Excellent post. I tend to read this blog more for the social/ecological posts than the trans-related ones. Once transition is over there is the rest of our lives to be getting on with, I became involved with the LGBT grouping within my trade union when I was a TU rep because I believe it is the duty of the equality officer of each branch to be involved with the various minority groups and the fact I am bi. I ended up on the National Committee of the LGBT section but it wasn’t because of trans history but as a hard-working TU rep who happened to be bi. However, when the trans officer for the union was not available for the seminar last year I helped out by providing a presentation on trans issues based on experience. I’m no longer involved in the TU as the related employment has ended, but I am now studying law and hope to be able to pass the necessary exams (eventually) to be called to the bar where my interest would be employment law based on the knowledge gained as a TU rep and criminal defence work. Life is like quicksand – if you stand still too long then you get trapped.

  3. Bonze Anne Rose Blayk Says:

    √ … absolutely: I can see no particular reason why someone should feel compelled to participate in activism if it does not suit them.

    “When I go to DOR events I wonder about the real ogre in the room. High risk sex work due to lack of alternatives.”


    It’s disgraceful that people who are forced out of the workplace following transition are then subjected to a great deal of risk — accompanied by a barrage of shaming — because they do what they have to do to stay alive. I believe an enforceable GENDA could prove greatly beneficial for most of these girls.

    thanks, Suzan
    – bonzie anne

    • Suzan Says:

      Employment non-discrimination only works for the educated and privileged. Part time hell at minimum wage isn’t going to keep the girls at the bottpom from doing sex work just to keep a roof over their head and fed. Not to mention how transitioning has become an expensive bauble.

      When I came out I got my hormones for free. I was young, rent was next to nothing and I worked the ads not the streets.

      Now the liberal moralists are united with the Christo-Fascist moralists in shutting down the sex ads. Plus the violence against all sex workers is far worse, in part due to the moralistic assholes.

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