So, Jennifer is like the rest of us and Nicky “Komodo Dragon” aka “Poopy Pants” is a RadFem Ally

I kind of knew Nicky (KomodoDragon) was phony from the get go.  Hence my attacking Phony Intersex Trolls in the first few months of this Blog’s existence.

I’ve always found the mentally disturbed transphobes who claim they are really intersex to be an interesting gang, suitable for some serious psychiatric study.  So disturbed in comparison to ordinary normal TS/TG folks.

I wonder if the RadFems are aware of their “Intersex” ally’s violent tendencies?

This piece is from Dana Lane Taylor:

By Dana Lane Taylor
July 23, 2013

Reposted with permission

So, it seems Jennifer has lived the life a lot of us who identify as transsexual and/or transgender. A lot in our community(ies) can certainly relate to her story. However, what I don’t understand is what criteria Jennifer uses to “judge others” or to give her “diagnosis” pertaining to other trans* women. For example, I was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder at the University of Pennsylvania and have been treated for it ever since. However, Jennifer calls me basically a crossdresser. Or someone who gets turned on by a women’s clothing fetish. Even though I am being treated by a doctor and prescribed HRT including estrogen and progesterone. I successfully transitioned at work though I am still planning my GRS in December of 2014. That part doesn’t really matter though as their are women who either are perfectly fine with their genitals they were born with or cannot afford surgery.

Obviously Jennifer has no power over my own existence and I am certainly glad she doesn’t.  It would be pure hell and I am sure I wouldn’t survive it. The same thing as those radical feminists who would deny our right to exist and live our lives how we need to live them.

So, Jennifer did actually identify as a crossdresser at one point only later to find out she was actually transsexual. Again, a lot of trans women can identify with that. In my case, however, I never identified as a crossdresser though I did participate in some crossdressing forums before I came out. It was a place that really helped me learn about the differences between crossdressers and transsexuals.  I am not going to lay out my full story of how I came to terms with being transsexual, at least for now. The important thing is that I found out what was “wrong” with me my entire life and have pretty much fixed what was broken, for the most part.

Jennifer mentions she did post a lot of posts on USENET and if you go back and look at those groups you will see she was doing the same thing back then. Instigating drama where everyone ends up turning against her. There is no shortage of those who got fed up with her abuse and called her out.

I am curious if Jennifer will ever be able to overcome her hate. Perhaps internalized transphobia (which describes me in my TS Separatist days) is the problem. Who knows. I do hope she will one day do some soul searching. If she doesn’t, she will end up living the rest of her life as a miserable isolated woman.


Not surprising, as I have clearly upset some very violent men, including both Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Williams.

Wait..WHAT? lol…no fucking way. Someone who admits to physical violence calls me a violent man. Well, I have never been violent to anyone but am a survivor of an attack by a man who crushed my eye socket and collapsed my nasal cavity. Brain fluid leaked out of my nose. No, Jennifer, I am a victim of violence not a perpetrator of it. You have a more violent past than I do. You being the violent one.

And look at this comment on the article by Nicky.

Nicky said…

It just seems to me that Mr. “Cristan” Williams is doing the typical transgender extremist tactics of intimidating, bullying and even threatening physical violence on anyone who disagrees with them. It’s clear that they are using their male behavior. Just like Mr “Dana” Taylor, he’s starting to follow the same path that transgender extremist are doing to people.

What’s clear is that these transgender extremist are getting more dangerous by the day. It’s why I had to get a pistol permit and be allowed to carry a pistol for self defense against these Transgender kooks. They are getting more violent and more extremist to the point that they may end up using their male upbringing, male behavior and male mentality to push their fragile ideology on to people. It could include physical violence to push their ideology.

It’s why people are starting to take notice and these transgender kooks are really showing their true colors to people.

July 22, 2013 at 10:34 PM

I assure you, he doesn’t own a gun. But if he were to ever get close to me, I hope I am armed with some Lysol. I did a search and found out Nicky had a pastebin posted on him. CREEEEEEEPY!

”’Nick K.D. Chaleunphone”’

”’Nick (Nilavong) Khamhou Dethoudom Chaleunphone a.k.a Nicky”’ (born May 15, 1976) is one of the most bizarre inhabitants on the Internet. Nicky claims to be Intersex, due to being diagnosed with Kallmann Syndrome even though Kallmann Syndrome is a disorder that affects puberty development and there is no medical definition that substantiates his claims. He says that Transsexuals are trying to hijack the Intersex condition to justify their transitions and he has a deep rooted hatred for them and especially for Transsexual Women. Since he was born with normal male genitalia and identifies as a tomboy, it is likely that he is a self-loathing transsexual woman and is doing the very same thing he accuses some Transsexual women of doing, claiming a false Intersex condition to justify his existence. His relentless attacks against the Transgender and Intersex communities have earned him a place on Rational Wiki. There is so much information out there on Chaleunphone, it would take a year to archive it all.

==Aliases== Kamododragoon
Nicky Diaperdragon Razgriz “wild weasel” BIThumper550 RescueRanger21 Cindy Capleton MsKamododragon PJRESCUE Bartman Flyingswordsman Kangaroo Jack Kavsuvb

==Kallmann Syndrome== Wikipedia

”’Kallmann syndrome”’ is a Heredity|genetic condition which results in the failure or non-completion of puberty. It is characterised by hypogonadism and by a total lack of sense of smell (anosmia) or a heavily reduced sense of smell (hyposmia). The term hypogonadism describes a low level of circulating sex related hormones; (testosterone in men and oestrogen and progesterone in women)

Failure to start or fully complete puberty in both men and women
Lack of testicular development in men; size ❤ ml
Primary amenorrhoea or failure to start menstruation in women
Poorly defined secondary sexual characteristics in both men and women.
Infertility Chaleunphone tries to alter Intersex definition on Wikipedia and here

Chaleunphone is being treated for this syndrome with a testosterone patch which indicates he is male. If he was female then he would be taking estrogen for treatment.

==Interesting Findings== Nick’s Resume Some jobs he was there only a month. What a shocker!

Nick identifies as a bisexual male but also identifies as a tomboy. Tomboys have female hormones in their systems yet Nick has male hormones. It is literally impossible for him to be a tomboy.

”A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of the gender role of a boy.”

Nick claims that Kallmann Syndrome is a variation of an intersex condition that has an extra set of XXY chromosomes.

==Favorite Things==
Abena X Plus Diapers
Dunkin Donuts
Plastic Fetish
==Further reading==

===Articles=== Intersex Community unites with Radfems against the Transsexual Empire – The entire Intersex community, minus anyone from the Intersex community, unites with radfems against the evil transsexuals

==Videos== Nicky the Bigot Hilarious. Nicky the Bigot remix Full Diaper? KamodoDraGoon Closed the Goon Account What Intersex is and isnt Nicky unfiltered

==External links==
Kallmann’s syndrome life
Twitter “I’m just your average tomboy who’s trying to be me”
Nicky’s World
Encyclopedia Dramatica
The Nick Chaleunphone Daily
Daily Diapers “Diapered up and sitting in a poopy diapered I pooped into” “Good luck with that because women who are AB/DL are a very small minority and the most of the people who claim to be a woman in here are either trans or men pretending to be a woman ”
Google Plus
Nick’s No Spin zone “I maybe the most vocal person who ever put my words online.” Many porn links here.
Last FM

And where Nick confuses nudity for objectifying nude women. You gotta see this.


lol. Sorry, all I can do is laugh now.


UPDATE 7/24/2013

So, Nicky just threatened me.

Nicky said…

It seems that Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor, is trying for cyberbullying and cyberharasing. Since he’s from my home state, I know a few people in high places that can put Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor, in his place. All I have to do his drop his name in front of a curtain person and things can change really fast for Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor.

July 23, 2013 at 9:10 PM

His talk about guns is pretty disturbing to me. I doubt very seriously he owns a gun as he would likely not be able to pass any test to get one. At least I hope. Does anyone know if he has one or if I should worry about his threats?

Nicky said…

I see now Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor is scared because he’s afraid of people defending themselves, which is clearly a Right in the US Consitution under the 2nd amendment. Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor is scared of Radical feminist, lesbian women, Biological Women and Intersex people for standing up and defending themselves. He’s scared because some people like me have a pistol permit to carry a pistol and have weapons for self defense. It’s why you are seeing his scared comments here cause he’s afraid of people standing up and defending themselves.

It’s very typical of Transgender kooks/extremist such as Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor, Mr. “Cristan” Williams and Mr. “Autumn” Sandeen to bully, harass, intimidate and threaten anyone who disagrees with their fallacy. They use their male behavior and male upbringing to intimidate anyone who disagree with them. Because of them, people have to take the step of arming themselves with a pistol and have a legal pistol permit to defend themselves. These Transgender kooks/extremist have brought it on to themselves and have forced people to defend themselves legally.

That’s why Jennifer, I would just watch your back around these transgender kooks/extremist. They can be very violent and potentially unstable when you disagree with them.


10 Responses to “So, Jennifer is like the rest of us and Nicky “Komodo Dragon” aka “Poopy Pants” is a RadFem Ally”

  1. Dana Lane Taylor Says:

    It is very bizarre when I look at the accusations they throw at me. Nicky has said I an upset because lesbians won’t sleep with me even though I have never said that. While I am attracted to both men and women, My current dating preference is men. And Nicky said I have a site that I talk about my raping women. He is talking about my site called #fbrape which was a movement to make Facebook take action against misogyny. He keeps making the claim that I am raping women so I will have to contact a lawyer. I don’t care if he trashes me. Just don’t libel me. Unlike his best friend, Jennifer Usher, I have never committed violence against a woman.

  2. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    Every so often I receive an email from someone I do not know. Typically, they use an anonymous handle and claim that I usurp women’s spaces. They tell me that despite my “pleading” no lesbian would ever sleep with me. They then follow this up with personal attacks and nonsense.

    I never respond but note to myself how completely wrong the writer is on all counts, then yawn.

  3. zoebrain Says:

    Suzan – yes, he’s genuinely dangerous. Psychotic. I have no idea if he has access to firearms, but he could easily become homicidal.

    Also contact his parents, his psych team should know about that threat from July 23rd. He needs help.

    He’s not the usual troll. He doesn’t use sockpuppets, he actually *is* all the different people he posts as in his own mind at the time.

  4. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Jimmy Scott – he shows up at the end of this. Jimmy was born with Kallman’s.

    I’ve been told not to say anything about anybody unless you have something good to say, so, I’ll just leave that where it is. People go around calling others deluded liars. That makes me worry. I like Jimmy. I can say that. I’ve like his work for a long time. Jimmy was ripped off by so many record producers. Come to your own conclusions but he always seemed well grounded to me. Paid a lotta dues, though.

  5. Edith Pilkington Says:

    I don’t know how that happened. This is the video with Jimmy Scott. I didn’t think the whole video would load, only the link. Sorry:

  6. Jennifer Gellar Says:

    Who’s this Jennifer? It sounds like me that you are talking about!!!

    • Suzan Says:

      Are you an infamous ant-transgender Troll who lives in San Francisco? Did you read the post with the link to her blog? Or do you just assume you are the only Jennifer in the world? The post is really clear as to who it is about.

    • Suzan Says:

      Nicky Poopy Pants should know about boundary violations. The little creep slithered on in here back when I first started blogging and took all of two or three posts to get banned.

      The worst thing about these trolls is how they have nothing positive to offer the world or humanity. I feel I’ve had to fight back since this shit is spreading beyond stupid bigoted music festivals and into movements like the Green Movement that I care deeply about.

      It is just that I feel slimed even having to deal with these sub-humans.

      But something has to be done they are pushing the same message as Mass Resistance, the Nazi group Storm Front and a bunch of Taliban Christian sites.

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