Republicans Love Lucy

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BY Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers President
July 16, 2013

The GOP must really love Ricky Ricardo, the husband of Lucille Ball’s title character in the 1950’s show “I Love Lucy.” Just like the famously chauvinist Ricky, the party apparently thinks women are empty-headed twits.

Women are so vacuous, right-wingers figure, that they don’t understand how Obamacare benefits them and their families, so they’ll be easily swayed by an Obamacare smear ad that features a lovely young actress named “Julie.”

The ads, $1 million worth of them, are running during television shows popular with women. In the spots, “Julie” says she began paying more attention to healthcare after her son suffered seizures. But, “Julie” says, she has a lot of questions about how Obamacare will work. In the ad, the young mother sits wondering—paralyzed by confusion—because the GOP believes women are incapable of finding that information themselves. “How will Obamacare impact your family?” the ad ends by asking. The GOP is banking on women being too daft to know the answer.

The Republican Party is sure young women don’t know that Obamacare is the reason that they’re covered by health insurance—and will continue to be—on their parents’ plans—until age 26. The party is sure the mothers of America’s young adults are just clueless that Obamacare is the reason their daughters and sons managed to be insured past age 18.

The GOP is certain women are just so silly that they’re unaware that Obamacare means they get birth control and preventative care like annual ob-gyn check-ups without co-pays.

The Republican Party just knows women couldn’t possibly have absorbed the fact that Obamacare is the reason insurers can no longer charge them more than men.

The GOP is positive that women never learned that Obamacare prevents insurance companies from dropping policy holders when they get sick, like “Julie’s” seizure-stricken son in the Americans for the Prosperous commercial.

The Republican Party is darn tootin’ sure that women never found out that Obamacare ended the lifetime limits that insurance companies had devised to enable them to squirm out of providing care for people with high-cost chronic illnesses, conditions like the seizure disorder suffered by “Julie’s” son in the Americans for the Prosperous commercial.

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