California temperatures could reach 130F as heat wave hits western US

From The Guardian UK:

Two hundred people were treated for heat problems at a concert in Las Vegas as temperatures soar in California and Nevada

Associated Press in Death Valley, Saturday 29 June 2013

Dan Kail was vacationing in Las Vegas when he heard that the temperature at Death Valley could approach 130F (54C) this weekend. He didn’t hesitate to make a trip to the desert location that is typically the hottest place on the planet.

“Coming to Death Valley in the summertime has always been on the top of my bucket list,” the 67-year-old Pittsburgh man said. “When I found out it might set a record I rented a car and drove straight over. If it goes above 130F I will have something to brag about.”

The forecast called for Death Valley to reach 128F Saturday as part of a heat wave that has caused large parts of the western US to suffer. Death Valley’s record high of 134F, set a century ago, stands as the highest temperature ever recorded on earth.

“The wind out here is like being in front of a blast furnace,” Kail said.

As temperatures soared in Las Vegas on Friday, 200 people were treated for heat problems at an outdoor concert, Clark County spokesman Erik Pappa said.

Thirty of them were hospitalized for heat-related injuries at Vans Warped Tour at Silverton Casino as temps reached 115F.

Most of the others “were essentially provided shade and water and a place to sit down,” Pappa said.

It was expected to get even hotter in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Phoenix reached 116F on Friday — 2F short of the expected high — in part because a light layer of smoke from wildfires in neighboring New Mexico shielded the blazing sun, the National Weather Service said. Phoenix was forecast to hit nearly 120. The record in Phoenix is 122.

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  1. Angel Says:

    Yep, summertime in Southern California! We got up to 113 today, and tomorrow it’s supposed to get hot.

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