“Last Day To Save Up To 30% On Women’s Summer Essentials”

I get so tired of hype from corporate ad agencies I’ve come to view those who create the ads as disposable oxygen wasters who do nothing fopositive for the planet and only contribute to the looming disaster of climate change.

Essentials for summer?

Well, air conditioning has become one, thanks to climate change.

Adequate food is another.  Health care. A place to live.

There are lots of things I can think of that are “essential” for the summer.

BTW the headline come from an Eddie Bauer e-mail spam ad.

I actually like Eddie Bauer and so maybe it is unfair of me to pick this particular spam ad to go off on.

Perhaps I should go off on the spam phone caller who tried to run a con job on me this morning selling computer services because my computer had been compromised.  Actually this scum bag, who sounded as though he was from somewhere in South Asia, may well have been on a phishing expedition.  I know he got flustered when I took the phone from Tina and identified myself as “Tech Support”.

Buy! Consume! Bigger is Better!

Without all the worthless, value free consumption Capitalism crashes.

You see we have reached end stage capitalism.  The end of growth.

We are physically obese with more possessions than we can house in a 1950s or 1960s home of generous proportions.

End stage capitalism requires us to buy even more and put it in credit cards too. This allows the bloated population of people reduced to the role of con artist and thief by the new service economy to keep on enriching the obscenely wealthy.

E-mail has turned into this gushing of crap that looks straight from an ad mill. Now I have to have folders  for e-mail from friends and e-mail lists.  That means I can mass delete the spam ads.

Every waking moment of the day I am bombarded by messages of buy, eat, consume.  Bill board, TV ads, magazines that used to have articles are now little more than platforms for conveying advertising.  The same is true of newspapers, which no longer offer news that might offend the advertisers.

In the mean time this massive level of consumption is destroying our planet thereby depriving us of the things that are really essential to our continuing to live.

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