LGBTQrstuv: Bisexuality & Transgender – John Corvino

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  1. Edith Pilkington Says:

    “Some transgender people may have hormone treatments or surgery to bring their physical appearance more in line with their gender identity . . .”

    That’s a lot worse than obnoxious. Is there any way out of having people like this speak about me? What business do guys like this have ‘splainin’ what my life means? The fact is they don’t. The fact is I have no business explaining your life to other people and you don’t have any business explaining my life, either. So, why do jerks like this think they have any business sorting people out and defining them according to some pseudo-scientific notion of a mythical “biological sex”.

    Who has enough influence to stop this? In the long run, the concept of “gender identity” is nothing but a can of worms. This is definitely not helping.

    The takeaway from videos like this is, “hormones don’t really change anything but some people are so ‘dysphoric’ they need to do ‘that’ but obviously those who don’t are much better off not taking ‘dangerously powerful hormones’ and having ‘very risky surgeries’.”

    You know, the same people who beating up on the Sunni’s were the same people beating up on the Shiites. So what?

    The only way the lgbt can understand transsexual people seems to be in terms of their(the lgbt’s) own situation, which means to see us in terms of behavior, ergo, gender because that is what gender and sexual orientation involves. Very clearly, this is NOT acceptance. This is worse than patronizing.

  2. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Sorry, I got carried away. I never met this guy but I know him. I went to high school with him. He was a student. He was one of the teachers, one of the closeted Christian Brothers up from New York. Jim Fouratt graduated from that high school. I’ve been taken for rides by guys like him. His biography says B A from St. John’s. I know this guy but I’ve never met him. I don’t have anything against him except for the fact I don’t need him messing around on my cloud, two’s a crowd. You know?

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