God Hustler Rick Warren’s Son Committed Suicide

I’m over flowing with Schadenfreude today.

Rick Warren’s son killed himself over the week end.

For those who wonder who Rick Warren is.  He’s the Jesus peddling owner of a McMegaChurch.  a multimillionaire god fraud snake oil peddler.

A while back he was associated with Scott Lively and the Uganda Kill the Gays Law.

Now, whenever there is an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or terrorist attack you can count on these god fraud salesmen crawling out from under their rocks to blame this natural disaster on god punishing us for not being cruel enough to LGBT people and women.

Of course many of these disasters take place in some hell holes that are just about as mean to women and LGBT folks as is possible outside of torturing and murdering them.

They don’t much like us atheists either because we have this nasty habit of pointing out the obvious deficiencies and moral lapses of their imaginary all powerful invisible bigot in the sky.

Things like Hitler.  As Eddie Izzard put it, “If there was a god wouldn’t you imagine him as seeing Hitler and just reaching down and flicking his head off, while saying oops he was a mistake.”

Well that sort of thing never happened because…  Well god as the Christian know him is, surprise, surprise a bit of an anti-Semite.  I know, shared book and all that, but it seems like the imaginary sky chaps from the desert hate the Jews, well except for Yahweh aka he whose name shall not be mentioned.

All that aside I’m not going to picket Rick Warren’s son’s funeral.  Maybe if they have time Westboro  can pencil it in on their to do list.

The peddlers of pious platitudes have launched a pre-emptive strike against nasty queer atheists like me.  I especially liked the one in USA Today.

The kid is dead.  He hasn’t gone home to heaven.  As was pointed out to me many years ago when I was still under the spell of Catholicism, “Suicides go to hell.”  The Catholics won’t bury them in ground they’ve done a magic spell on.

I spent the 1980s and a fair part of the 1990s listening to religious bastards preach about god’s punishment as dozen of gay male friends of mine got ill and died.

Over the years I have seen so many of my trans-friends commit suicide because of religious abuse.

So today I feel Schadenfreude.  Not only has Maggie Thatcher died but Rick Warren, who has caused so many people so much pain has had pain come into his life.

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  1. mark smith Says:

    I’m sorry for the pain in your life and many others. I’m a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes Christians attack others out of stupidity. Sorry for those who have committed suicide. Suicide cuts across all social barriers.

    • Suzan Says:

      You miss the point. People in your hustle peddle a superstition based bigotry telling others about how natural disasters are an imaginary invisible sky being’s retribution for being LGBT or feminists.

      But for some reason thing it is unfair that atheists snicker when your imaginary sky being dishes out pain to you.

      • mark smith Says:

        In my opinion it rains on the just and unjust. God’s justices is perfect unlike sinful man. I could wind up suffering more pain than you. It is not what I say that matters. I have no judgement against you are any others. I hurt for all people that feel pain and hurt. We are all human with feelings and emotions. What people see in others is often more about the struggles within.

        • Suzan Says:

          That is called concern trolling and terminates this conversation. It is also a lie which allows you to trip push.

  2. pasupatidasi Says:

    a good day for earth…pity the grave…

  3. Jessica Sideways Says:

    I hope Rick Warren is enjoying the mental hoops to try to justify that his son’s Purpose Driven Afterlife ™ will be sent in heaven and not hell, despite the fact that his son committed suicide (which is forbidden – after all, can’t have cash cows killing themselves to get to heaven faster. Dead people can’t tithe) and the fact that heaven and hell are both just imaginary places invented by some primitive cave dwellers.

    • mark smith Says:

      I guess I’m not clear where suicide is forbidden. Curious, if you feel for the family members of anyone who might loose their son or daughter.

      • Suzan Says:

        That’s pretty stupid. In Catholicism, “the one true Christian religion”, suicide is considered a mortal sin, which means those who commit it go to hell. Having become an atheist over 50 years ago I reject the Catholic ideology. I find its ideology manipulative, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic. A self serving con.

        The second part of your comment comes off as written by a functional illiterate. What part of schadenfreude is so hard for you to understand? Rick Warren is a con artist peddling a lie. He uses hatred as a tool to make money. He is part of a gang of christian mullahs who main stock and trade is hatred of LGBT people. His cohorts have tried to blame every natural disaster under the sun on uppity women and LGBT people.

        But to answer your question. I reserve my empathy for the victims of the evil perpetuated by religion.

    • E Says:

      You are so ignorant! Your day has yet to arrive when you are to experience such pain that you will need the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to comfort you. I will pray for your ignorance.

      • Suzan Says:

        Ignorant? I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. I stopped believing in fairy tales about invisible magic all knowing all good sky fairies by the time I was 15. Too many impossible contradictions.

        As for Jesus. Jesus is pretty much the same as a dozen or so earlier god myths including Mithra, Krishna, Sakia, Thammuz, etc. http://www.infidels.org/library/historical/kersey_graves/16/chap16.html

        Praying is a pathetic waste of time. Concern trolls who tell atheists they are going to pray for them are a joke and your tolling has resulted in your being plonked.

      • tinagrrl Says:

        “I will pray for your ignorance”? What does that mean? How do you know anyone will “experience such pain” that they “will need the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to comfort” them? How will he “comfort”? What sort of prayers will you send up? Will they be prayers of peace or will you ask your lord to smite unbelievers? Isn’t that what such prayers usually end up saying?

        Are you also the sort of “Christian” who believes YOU have the “right” to kill “abortion Doctors”? If you are, do you also think you have the right to “smite unbelievers”?

        Most of the Rick Warren sort of preachers usually claim a desire to “convert” LGBT people. They also want to retain the right to discriminate against LGBT folks. Somehow or other they see it as their “right”. That is what THEY call “religious freedom” — the “right” to attack other citizens of their country. The “right” to deny other citizens the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        As you speak for fewer and fewer people, your sort of “Christian” tends to become more militant, more strident, more ignorant, less willing to deal with the world as it is. In this way you do not differ from the most violent strains of every other religion.

        I exclude no one.

        I suggest you pray for your soul. Pray for your redemption. Pray for forgiveness for the hatred you harbor deep within your being.

        As far as Rick Warren goes — you should pray for him. Pray that he is “enlightened”. Pray that he repents. Pray that he understands what all the anti-LGBT stances he has taken have done to actual, real, people. Pray that he understands what his support of the “kill the Gays” bill in Uganda has done to actual, real, people.

        Rick Warren is the one who must pray for forgiveness.

        As for you, perhaps it’s time you pray to your lord for grace, forgiveness, the meaning of freedom, and the understanding you actually live in a vibrant, multicultural, nation that allows all beliefs — including non-belief. This REQUIRES ALL people to tolerate each other. It also REQUIRES ALL PEOPLE to support, and follow all the laws of the land. This includes Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and everyone else.

        By the way, don’t you think it rather strange that such “judgements” are visited on folks like Rick Warren? Remember, every time some misfortune befalls the USA, folks like him blame it on “secular society”, “permissiveness”, “Sodomites”, etc., etc.

        Why aren’t their beliefs and attitudes to blame when misfortune befalls them?

        Keep your prayers for yourself.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    Suicide is seen as a sin by Christians. In the Catholic Church it was seen as a “mortal sin” — right to hell, etc., etc., etc. Even though many Protestant sects do not see it as a sin that leads to eternal condemnation, it is still a sin.

    On the other hand — LGBT folks are seen by the likes of Mr. Warren as worthy of DEATH. He was one of the supporters of the Uganda “kill the gays” law. If you go to many countries in this world, you would find being LGBT is akin to a death sentence.

    When Mr. Warrens son ends up killing himself, there is a sense of sorrow for the young man, while at the same time a feeling that this tragedy was visited on him by HIS “God” for being who he is/was.

    Warren, and others of his ilk, ALWAYS condemn LGBT folks. They call for our death. They call for the community to shun us. They call for the right to bully, abuse, discriminate against ALL of us in every facet of SECULAR LIFE. Not everyone is a Christian. Not everyone believes in the “desert religion Sky Daddy”. No Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., etc., should have that much control over SECULAR SOCIETY.

    Also, as Suzan said, EVERY time there is a natural disaster some “Preacher” blames it on “secular society”, “the gays”, “”feminists”, “hippies”, and anyone else that lives their own life in a way that specific preacher disapproves of.

    You talk of “Gods Love”, you all say “his justice is perfect”, you all claim “he works in mysterious ways”, while at the very same time blame LGBT folks for everything from 9/11 to hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. Floods, famine, pestilence, are ALL blamed on our “permissive society” — they are “Gods judgement”. At the same time, you all mouth these platitudes about “Gods perfect love”.

    There is something very sick about that. There is actually something very EVIL about all that mumbo-jumbo.

    We have worked for years to extend life, to cure disease, to eliminate some childhood diseases. It has worked. It has had nothing to do with “Gods love” — it’s been hard science.

    When someone connected to one of the mumbo-jumbo peddlers suffers a tragedy, when one of the mumbo-jumbo peddlers suffers a tragedy, it is only natural for the frequent targets of his/her hatred to react. When someone who hates you is hurt. When they die. When they suffer a loss, it is only HUMAN to react.

    By the way — I use the word HATE because I look at what the person DOES, not what they SAY. As their position in this world becomes less and less tenable, they usually ratchet up the hatred, claiming their religion applies to EVERYONE.

    It is insanity.

  5. Diane Peterson Says:

    I read the hateful horrible things that someone wrote in regards to Rick Warrens sons death!You are indeed an atheist because God is love and no love love and no one wishes another human being to live in pain if they have the love of God in them I will pray for you however just like I know. Rick warren will

    • Suzan Says:

      Concern trolling isn’t permitted on this blog.

      Praying is a worthless activity that has never changed anything. It is of no help what so ever to sick people. It may help the person praying to think they are doing something but that is pure self delusion. There is no god, no heaven, no hell, no afterlife or reincarnation. Sadly I will not be reunited with my furry family members at any rainbow bridge in the great beyond.

      My atoms like theirs return to their place as atoms in the universe.

      There is no creator. Rick Warren is a scam artist selling fiction and bigotry. Nothing more. The world would be a better place were he to devote his life to planting trees or water filtration for nomadic people in sub-Sahara Africa.

      His TV show has about as much value as any Reality TV show. His books were serving a higher purpose when the material used to create them were trees.

      There is no god.

      • mark smith Says:

        Suzan what is your source about atoms returning to their place as atoms in the universe? I truly don’t understand the reasoning. Much has been said about the pain in Rick Warren’s life but how do you cope with the pain in yours’

        • Suzan Says:

          Simple decomposition accounts for atoms returning to circulation. All life form at least on our planet are hydrocarbon structures.

          You just can’t help concern trolling can you? Cope with life’s pains? Well, I don’t invoke imaginary invisible magic people in the sky.

          Nor do I give money to some Profit of Religion to have him tell me fables.

        • Suzan Says:

          How do you cope with the pain in yours? Generally I use Tylenol Arthritis. On rare occasions of severe pain I dip into the stash of Vicodin that was prescribed after minor surgery but I didn’t use because I didn’t feel the need. The twenty or so of those pills have lasted some seven years so I must not have much severe pain. More nagging aching joints. If I lived some where it was legal medical marijuana would probably help.

          • mark smith Says:

            Well, at least your honest. I think I finally figured out what you meant by trolling, although I don’t see it that way. I like dialogue and people. I stumbled onto this site by accident. That is about it for me. Yes as stated I’m a Christian but not the stereo types much associated on this site. I don’t have an agenda. I appreciate the conversation.

  6. tinagrrl Says:

    Here’s one thing that concerns me about “The Rainbow Bridge” — when a beloved pet was shared by two or more people (a couple or a family) who gets custody? is it shared? Have we all made peace so we all live together in some communal “hippie” like existence. Do all our exes live with us and those wonderful animals we shared? Wouldn’t it get confusing?

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid I will never again see those wonderful Cats and Dogs of my past.

    I may not be a “believer” but the idea of “The Rainbow Bridge” will bring me to tears — esp when one of my companions dies. Perhaps my memory of them is what keeps them alive. Perhaps we are all our own “Rainbow Bridge”.

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