PETA’s Actual Death Toll

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This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article, “How Many Pets Did PETA Kill in 2012?”

I was generous yesterday when I suggested that PETA’s monstrous kill rate in 2012 was in fact, for them, an improvement. The official documents, yes, demonstrate that PETA killed only 89.2 per cent of pets taken in — as opposed to the 95 to 97 per cent in prior years — but these documents do not tell the whole truth.

Since we don’t have precise data, I chose to ignore an important category in the report that PETA submitted to the Virginia Department of Agriculture: animals that were “Transferred to Another Virginia Releasing Agency.”

The term “releasing” here should make you shudder. We know just who PETA “releases” pets to: that looming presence many cultures refuse to name, for fear that he’ll visit at midnight. And we know that this is also true of the operations that they approve of: PETA refuses to transfer animals to No Kill facilities, for ideological reasons that I’ve analyzed here: “Why is PETA Opposing No-Kill Animal Shelters?”

This means that many if not most of the 108 dogs and 22 cats transferred to other “releasing agencies” are no longer with us.

Nathan Winograd, who heads up the No Kill Advocacy Center, has performed the calculations:

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3 Responses to “PETA’s Actual Death Toll”

  1. Teresa Ellen Reeves Says:

    This is the most horrific of stories I have ever read about people supposedly concerned about the humane and ethical treatment of animals. I have long said that if average Americans were forced to go out to hunt and kill for their dinner– or if average Americans actually had to watch their dinner meat being “processed”– that most of the folks would turn into vegans overnight.

    In the last few years we have had an epidemic of cases of food-born illnesses and recalls of contaminated food and drink from peanut butter to organic juice to downer cows and mad cows. E coli contaminated water from runoff from pig farms. Caged egg-laying hens by the millions in feces-caked factory barns who never see the sun let alone leave their 1 cubic foot of confinement. Animals fed animals as feed. Mechanically deboned food. Genetically engineered food. Radiated food. Frankenfood.

    It’s enough to make everyone sick. Intentionally or not.

    When I found a free DVD promoting veganism called Meet Your Meat from a group called Action For Animals , I thought gee, here’s another group like PETA that wants to show us the truth behind the dinner we take so much for granted– another group that cares about living, breathing, feeling animals.

    Now I am shocked to discover that I was wrong.
    I wrote a silly song last year called “The Canis Major Blues” where I mocked the story of Mitt Romney tying his dog to the roof of his car:

    “Hey Mitt Romney
    Driving a Dodge Omni
    Tied his doggy to the roof
    The SPCA and PETA that day
    Didn’t do nothin’!
    Said they needed more proof!

    I now know that if Ingrid Newkirk had “rescued” Romney’s dog, it would only be to put it out of its misery.
    PETA, it seems stands for PET ANNIHILATION. Yes, pet overpopulation, failure to spay or neuter results in 3 million extra animals annually that mostly end up as shelter lambs to the slaughter.

    But as is pointed out in the article: 17 million people are seeking to acquire pets annually– and if only 20% were to take a shelter animal instead then the need for the perpetual Holocaust would be gone.

    But the idea that No Kill shelters encourage hoarding is beyond the pale of a sick mind.
    Yes, animal hoarding is a horrible thing that happens because of a tiny percentage of mentally ill people.
    We’ve seen the stories about the woman with a hundred cats, or the dozens of neglected horses, or the puppy mill breeding farms for pricey pets that breed disease, genetic defects and bad behavior. For some of those animals, they may have lived a life worse than death. But for the rest who survived the horror– Is death their only reward?
    Where does their right to life begin or end?

    The Nazi Holocaust killed 6 million people, a large portion by gas chamber.
    Some were allowed to live and work as slaves and they suffered from unspeakable horrors.

    No sane person ever suggested that “euthanasia” was the humane thing to do for those executed or for those who survived a fate worse than death. Nor was Schindler a hoarder and mentally ill for saving thousands of lives.

    But when it comes to the killing of animals, euthanasia is good as long as we don’t eat our pets after we kill them.
    3 million a year. We could send the meat to places like North Korea where millions of people are starving– where they eat dog and they could have their humanely euthanized dinner of our pets.

    PETA told us they would try hard to find a good home for our dear companions.
    It’s just that they don’t even try. And they are opposed to “No Kill Shelters”?
    A fate worse than death? For PETA, death is preferred over the life of a healthy pet.
    Perhaps its time to euthanize PETA instead.

    • Suzan Says:

      BTW the Nazi Holocaust killed 23,954,000 Soviets, 5,720,000 Poles along with the six million Jews. Granted Jewish people were in some cases either Polish or Soviet but hands down the nice Christian Germans were responsible for the deaths of some 50 million people.

      Were it not for Stalin and the heroic Soviets, Hitler would have won the war and murdered many more.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    I ask everyone to notice how we abstained from invading “Fortress Europe” during WWII until AFTER the Soviets had the Germans on the run. I guess we were afraid the Soviets would take over the whole damn thing.

    Oh yeah, by the way, SCREW PETA!

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