Online Robin Hood Aaron Swartz pushed to suicide by prosecutors?

2 Responses to “Online Robin Hood Aaron Swartz pushed to suicide by prosecutors?”

  1. Edith Pilkington Says:

    This was a terrible tragedy. I think what he was doing was so important. I’ve been locked out of so many of those Jstor and Elsevier articles. Aaron is a hero and a martyr. I worked on David Segal’s congressional campaign in 2010. David was Aaron’s partner at Demand Progress. Larry Lessig came to town to speak on David’s behalf during the campaign. They are all such good people doing really good work. There are establishment Democrats and then there are real progressives like Aaron. It’s horrible what the former did to the latter.

  2. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Here is a link to an article about Aaron written by his partner, David Segal:

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