GetEQUAL To Obama: Hagel’s Anti-LGBT History Makes Him Unacceptable For Defense

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

by David Badash
on January 4, 2013

GetEQUAL, the LGBT civil rights organization that is widely credited for helping repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, today told President Obama they strongly oppose Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Hagel has a history of anti-LGBT comments, for which he recently apologized in the wake of his name being floated to replace Leon Panetta.

“GetEQUAL strongly opposes the potential nomination of Chuck Hagel to become the next Secretary of Defense,” Tanya Domi, GetEQUAl chair said today via a statement. “Hagel has, time and time again, taken every opportunity to lambast and denigrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans, and the Cabinet is no place for this kind of disrespect.

“Hagel’s recent apology for his insulting comments about the nomination of James Hormel as U.S. Ambassador to Luxemborg were hollow, politically expedient, and nakedly gratuitous,” Domi, a former Army officer and 15-year veteran, added. “The Defense Department has made important strides toward creating an inclusive Armed Forces, but has miles left to go — nominating Hagel to lead the Defense Department would be a staggering step backward for the LGBT community and an upheaval of President Obama’s past support for the LGBT community.”

 During his years in Congress, Hagel consistently opposed the advancement of civil rights for LGBT Americans. A Hagel nomination would throw President Obama’s support for LGBT civil rights into deep suspicion. Following yesterday’s signing of an NDAA that includes a new “conscience clause” designed to permit discrimination in the military by chaplains, the LGBT community is looking for leadership at the Defense Department that will remove discriminatory practices from the Armed Forces — not cement those practices.
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