Doctor under fire for alleged errors prescribing sex-change hormones

BTW It was cases like this that led to those odious Standards of Care with the excessive Psychiatric screening in the first place.

The patient should be told no deal, no grounds for a law suit.  Any fool should realize the enormity of taking hormones and having sex reassigning surgery even if only on one’s secondary sexual characteristics.  It shouldn’t be up to the doctor to figure out you were deceiving him/her by pretending to be transsexual.

From The Guardian UK:

Dr Richard Curtis is under investigation following complaints over treatment of patients seeking gender reassignment

The Guardian, Sunday 6 January 2013

A woman who alleges that she was inappropriately prescribed sex-changing hormones and then wrongly underwent a double mastectomy is one of several complaints being investigated by the General Medical Council about the doctor who oversaw her aborted gender reassignment, the Guardian has learned.

The GMC, the doctors‘ professional regulator, has received at least three separate complaints against Dr Richard Curtis, a London GP who specialises in the treatment of gender dysphoria, particularly transsexualism. The complaints concern the alleged inappropriate administering of sex-changing hormones to patients and at least one allegedly unsuitable referral for gender reassignment surgery.

It is claimed that Curtis, who provides private treatment to patients seeking gender reassignment, failed to follow accepted standards of care and breached conditions placed on his practice by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS), the GMC’s arm’s-length disciplinary body.

The allegations include commencing hormone treatment in complex cases without referring the patient for a second opinion or before they had undergone counselling, administering hormone treatment at patients’ first appointments, and referring patients for surgery before they had lived in their desired gender role for a year, as international guidelines recommend. One patient allegedly underwent surgery within 12 months of their first appointment. He is also accused of administering hormones to patients aged under 18 without an adequate assessment, and wrongly stating that a patient seeking gender reassignment had changed their name.

One of the most serious cases concerns a female patient who regrets switching to a male role. She underwent hormone treatment and had her breasts removed. The woman is one of the complainants in the current GMC investigation.

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  1. Allie Cat Says:

    I suspect the only way someone who decides to detransition (which can happen for any of a plethora of reasons) can get medical support to do so is by claiming malpractice. In which case the guilty party isn’t the patient *or* the doctor, but the system.

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