‘Flaming Homosexuals Wearing Stilettos’ Will Apply For Jobs In Christian Bookstores If ENDA Passes Says Fischer

Maybe the bigots are the ones who need to be studied and not LGBT people.  Studying us to figure out why we are oppressed is like studying rape victims to figure out why they were raped.

From The New Civil Rights Movement:  http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/flaming-homosexuals-wearing-stilettos-will-apply-for-jobs-in-christian-bookstores-if-enda-passes-says-fischer/politics/2013/01/05/57742

by David Badash
on January 5, 2013

Bryan Fischer yesterday on his radio program threatened that “flaming homosexuals… wearing stilettos, a dress and dangly earrings” would apply for jobs in Christian bookstores if ENDA passes into law. Fischer, the public face of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, claimed “the homosexual lobby” would purposely target religious businesses, including “Christian bookstores,” if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act were passed by Congress and signed into law.

 Claiming “ENDA would represent the return of Jim Crow laws” in a blog post accompanying his radio rant, Fischer ludicrously rips former GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan:

Ryan today reiterated his support for ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

This is a horrible bill for a social conservative to support since it would mean the absolute end of religious liberty and freedom of association in the marketplace. It would, in other words, gut the First Amendment. It’s shameful for Ryan, who also voted for this Constitution-shredding bill in 2007, to be so blissfully and blindly unaware of the consequences of this legislation.

Continue reading at:  http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/flaming-homosexuals-wearing-stilettos-will-apply-for-jobs-in-christian-bookstores-if-enda-passes-says-fischer/politics/2013/01/05/57742

One Response to “‘Flaming Homosexuals Wearing Stilettos’ Will Apply For Jobs In Christian Bookstores If ENDA Passes Says Fischer”

  1. tinagrrl Says:

    Not only Christian Book Stores — how about Hobby Lobby? Who better to sell all that crap but a bunch of “Flaming Homosexuals Wearing Stilettos” (sounds like a movie title — don’t you think?)

    Here in Texas there is a “style” we call, “Texas Fancy-Foo”, once again, who better?

    An awful lot of “Good Christian” Texas housewives would be LOST, LOST I tell you, without their “artistic”, “sensitive”, designer, decorator, hairdresser. Of course these very same folks, who just “love” their own PERSONAL homosexuals still think they are not supposed to be in “normal” professions, nor should they be allowed to get married — “after all, we have to have standards” (actually said to me by an ex-“friend”).

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