Friday Night Fun and Culture: Carole King

2 Responses to “Friday Night Fun and Culture: Carole King”

  1. gypsyrose1972 Says:

    I love Carole King! I remember riding around in my VW bug up and down back roads, singing (off key) as loudly as I could.

    • Suzan Says:

      When I came out in 1969 I was in a commune/collective. I was one of the founding members. I wound up getting the biggest room in the commune because I actually decorated my space with India print spreads and posters as well as stuff I rescued from the curb side when the students left for the summer. I had cushions and a low table as well as a record player. After dinner and the obligatory pot smoking, wine drinking and rapping I’d put on Laura Nyro, Joan Baez, Carole King or Joni Mitchell before I crashed.

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