What About People’s Right to Live in an Environment where People are not Allowed to Carry Guns Around?

Too many of the people who have availed themselves of concealed handgun licenses are right wing thugs.  Often racist, anti-Latino, homophobic bigots and bullies.

Too many of them are looking for the opportunity to shoot someone, preferably a person of color but a gay or lesbian would do.

When I was working as a supervisor in a big box store I knew several of my workers were carrying loaded guns at work.  They knew I am a sport shooter and go to the range.

Thing is, had I been in charge of issuing CHLs I would have had serious qualms about having these people carry guns around with them.  I had seen a couple go off on other workers and was very much relieved that gun violence did not ensue.

Too many CHLs are in the hands of hyper-aggressive men who are deeply offended by things like women over stepping their position.

The gun culture thrives on fear.

For the better part of thirty-five years I live in either the San Francisco Bay Area or in Los Angeles where I rode buses. Sometimes I was the only white person on the bus.  Perhaps I’m odd but I didn’t feel threatened by the working class men and women of color with whom I shared the bus.  Granted I avoided the back area of the bus because that tended to be an area where rowdy young men gathered.

I took subways too.  Waited for buses in the late evening and never felt I needed to carry a gun for my own personal protection.

Indeed the only time during those years I felt I needed a gun for protection was when a friend who was seriously strung out on speed threatened to stalk and murder me.  This was a specific threat though, not a general environmental threat.

I  have opted out of getting a CHL.  I don’t feel I really go anywhere I would need to carry a gun.  I also feel that if I were thinking about going some place where carrying a gun would be a prudent act then perhaps I should rethink going there.

So far the gun people who think everyone should have a gun on them at all times have had their say.

In Texas the population is: 26,403,743 people of those 23,213,579 live in metropolitan areas.  There are approximately 500,000 CHLs.

This means the vast majority of citizens here in Texas does not have a CHL.  Hopefully most of those people are not carrying guns illegally.  There is an image of Texas being wide open spaces but again the vast majority of people live in metropolitan areas.

I said I sport shoot.  I am a member of an indoor range with a lot of safety features.  Were those safety features not a part of my range I would not shoot there.  There are a lot of indoor pistol ranges.

On the other hand outdoor ranges in metropolitan areas are nearly non existent.  Further at those ranges people are not permitted to engage in rapid fire.

Which brings us to those AR style rifles and those AK47 style rifles.  I for one have a hard time figuring out where the majority of people buying them find a place to shoot them.

We have an outdoor range in our town.  People over a mile away are trying very hard to close it after bullets from the range penetrated the roof of their house and ended up embedded in their children’s bed rooms.

At some point we have to ask where is our right to be free from all this gun violence and the threat of gun toting people in our midst, people who feel so threatened by the world around them they feel the need to carry guns.

What about the rights of those of us who just want to go about our lives in a gun free world?

Where are our rights?

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