Who is to blame for the Sandy Hook (and other mass killings)?

I’ve been seriously ill and haven’t fully digested this latest atrocity. But everyone is so sure the blame lays somewhere else.  Every one has an excuse as to why their money pot isn’t to blame.

Everyone is shamelessly trying to pimp this tragedy to increase their money pot or promote their cause/ideology.

Everyone is hoping there is one magic element that doesn’t affect their money pot that could be removed without any financial cost to them.

Look at the pointing fingers and shrieking predictable rhetoric.  All packaged and memorized rhetoric.

They used to call progressives “bleeding hearts”.  They said we wanted to blame society for evils performed by individuals.

No one wants to even ponder the enormity of an entire world civilization , with over seven billion people being on a completely cancerous path.  The enormity of the required change to save the planet, and our humanity, our very civilization, is beyond imagining.  Better to point fingers, lay blame, score those points with your followers.

Better not to look at the fingers pointing back at you when you are looking at blaming someone else.  Oh no, not I.  Oh no not something that is part of my cash stream.  It must be some one else.

So go home and pull up the latest action movie on Netflix or Pay-per-View.  Watch the few hours of mindless violence safe within the self assured smugness that: No it wasn’t me, my hands are clean, I only make or sell  ____ that material everyone seems to have to have.  Or I love my ultra violent movies and video games or  ______.  Don’t blame me, I did nothing wrong.

But the hard truth is that you and I are the most basic unit of society and we are on the great nihilistic brink.  We are in a state of fear and existential paralysis because we are afraid to see that we, and the society we have built, the cash streams we have created are our the problem.

Not a trick question:  Why are the deaths of the people of Sandy Hook a tragedy, but not the deaths of 40 members of a wedding party in Afghanistan, blown a part by a drone piloted by someone in an office in Arizona?

Unless you can start to see those as identical and understand the mindset of the computer operator who commits his/her murders from the safety of a desk in a nice air conditioned office then you will never find who is really to blame.

We are all to blame.

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    • Suzan Says:

      BTW I am placing this post in the Creative Commons. Please repost it and like it on any and all of your social networks. All I ask is author attribution and link back to this blog

      It is time for every one of us to examine our role in this culture of violence whether tacit or passive. That includes support for war and the Murder Industry of all weapons manufacturers.

      We are not exceptional our support of a weapons industry that produces the drone that murders people who live lives of crushing poverty and misery while we watch our high-def TV is participation in the culture of violence.

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