I’m Back… Sort of…

If you haven’t already been hit by this years flu strain or if you haven’t been vaccinated for it I urge you to run not walk to a place where they do vaccinations.

I understand Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was stricken with the same illness, passed out hit her head while falling. She wound up with a concussion.

When you are in your mid- 60s these sort of illnesses can easily become lethal

I’ve been in a lot of physical pain since Tuesday.  Fever, cramping, splitting headaches, unable take in solid foods.

I’ve also been in a fog so I didn’t feel I could process all the information into a digest of best stories on various topics.

The act of insanity that occurred on Friday has been too much to handle in my weakened state.

I’m slowly coming back.

I needed some grounding and a book I ordered about ten days ago came in.  You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear  Frances Moore Lappe, Jeffrey Perkins.

We were a better world before the rise of the inhumanity of the religious right and the conservative ideology of Ayn Rand.

I’m old enough to remember the rise of hippie punching and the selling of fear.  Before Reagan they didn’t sell AR15/M4s tricked out like a weapon in an action movie.

I think we need to learn how to live with less fear, instead of doing anything about real problems the nut cases just buy more guns and the gun dealers destroy community values in the same way crack houses do.  Their ethos is what’s in it for me.

They get furious with everything short of everyone wearing a pistol on their hip.


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  1. steviejayne Says:

    Hope you are back to full fitness soon Suzan. There’s a lot of illness about at the moment.

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