Having Someone Demonstrate Why I think HBS is Bullshit… Priceless

Yesterday I ran a post: “Mainstream” and “Traditional”: Meaningless Code words Used to Attack TS/TG People along with Women and Gay/Lesbian People

It was  predictable that some HBS Troll hiding behind an alias and gmail or yahoo account would pop up to whine about how she really isn’t a bigot but how I have to agree with her.

Funny isn’t it how the 99% of sisters who aren’t part of the HBS Klan have real names and are on Facebook.

HBS’er (actual alias):

At 25 I was close to 6ft tall, nearly bald, covered in thick body hair, 280lbs and built like a brick out-house, my family rejected and disowned me, I had only qualifications as a car mechanic. I nearly chose to kill myself (it would have been easier). Before I turned thirty, I was post SRS.

I spent nearly $100,000 on surgeries and doctors and treatments (in three years) before even considering keeping a roof over my head or food in my belly.

How did I do that?

I got a job driving a truck that delivered lubricating grease to coal mines for their bulldozers and excavators. I worked 12 hour days 6 and 7 days a week and came home covered in black grease and coal dust from head to toe with skin off my hands and arms, I shut my mouth and put up with the treatment I was afforded (which most of the time in spite of what the “community” would have you believe was respect ), and the men out there are the exact kind of “bigots” and transphobes” that “victims” in the TG community spruke (sic) about constantly.


Because it paid me $30 an hour and I NEEDED SRS to live, to be loved and connect with a partner the RIGHT way for me. I NEEDED to be PHYSICALLY female.

Gee isn’t that special…  I was built like  a girl and androgynous to the point of people being uncertain as to my sex prior to my coming out at 21. I too worked some pretty physically hard jobs including one at a paper mill where the homophobes/transphobes tried to murder me on a couple of occasions.

The possibility of getting SRS was pretty sketchy when I first came out to my parents when I was 15 but between 1962 and 1969 the world changed.

The reality is I would have been a queen if SRS were not available. I had friends for whom the struggle was too much, who settled into life as queens/transgender women because they lacked the wherewithal to pull it together for the final push.  If I didn’t get my surgery when I did I could have wound up feeling the same way.

Like most of the HBS Klan, HBSer struggles with the coherence thingie.  It is hard to tell who she is trying to impress:

I’m one of those “pure” ones you so hate Suzan, never used my penis, never fathered children, never married a woman, want desperately to be a mother, to be “normal”, genetic even, but I’m NOT under ANY illusions as to that ever happening the way I need it to or as to who or what I am, NOR do I think I’m “better” or more valid or deserving as a human being than anyone else. All that I hope for for ANYONE is happiness, safety and equality.

In other words , “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful.”  No wait that was pure, because having seen the pictures of a number of HBS folks beauty isn’t something most can claim.”

Let’s unpack the purity claim.  First thought:  I’m supposed to be impressed that you didn’t even try using your former parts to have sex, presumably with either men or women.  I’m not really impressed.  That was never really a hurdle in the screening process.  That was one of those purity queen generated gates.  A lot of the doctors in the early days thought it was a really good idea for people to explore their sexuality a bit prior to taking such major step.

Some people complain they felt pressured to try having sex with men. But there was a reason for doctors to do this.  The doctors were dealing with transphobes who claimed transsexual women were just gay men in denial.  So people were encouraged to try having sex with men to see if that was really what they were.

As for the wanting children. Some people with a firm grasp on reality choose to defer transition in order to do just that, have children and be a parent.

Having been guided by the wisdom of doctors who posted the Serenity Prayer in the clinic I always accepted the reality.  But the deeper reality is that I had a really sucky childhood and would have been a highly irresponsible parent.  I chose a different path.

What it seems you fail to recognise is that the “equal” rights sought by non-op TG’s are NOT being afforded on equal/equivalent life circumstance and as such, those with the (circumstantial) disadvantage are being FORCED to lose THEIR “rights”, THEY! are being made to suffer (further) for the “convenience” of these others.

Does it occur to you that “HBS’ers” (such as myself) are NOT the ones attempting to separate and berate “trans” people through the use of “mainstream”? does it occur to you that that is simply the only option left to refer to those that DON’T belong to the self-proclaimed/inflicted LGBT “community” how else do we refer to anyone outside of that?


Right wing asshat comes to mind.  Especially when you pour forth your homophobic bigotry and assorted right wing bullshit.

Rights are based on being born human.  That is why they are called rights and why the Constitution refers to them as inalienable.  Right wingers always want to make equality and basic rights into special privileges like denying gay and lesbian people the right to marry or people of color the right to vote.

The idea that others having the same rights as you have some how takes away from you is a mountainous pile of bullshit that treats rights, basic human rights as the exclusive property of the rich.

Most of those YOU would call “HBS’ers” do NOT think we are better or more deserving than anyone else, we do NOT wish poor treatment or oppression on ANYONE but we also believe we are NOT the same as everyone and need to be treated appropriately.

Am I the SAME as a forty year old “trans” person who fathered multiple children and now can’t “afford” SRS?
How about a 25 year old college student who happily uses their penis with women and can “deal” with having it without needing to shoot themselves?

If THEY are TS (IE the same as me to the “uninitiated”) what does that make ME in the eyes of those people in the world who aren’t “trans” and have no understanding of transsexuals (the “uninitiated”? what does that make ME to the men who might find out I how I was unfortunate enough to have been born?

If people don’t want “REAL” TS’s telling them they’re different to “us” then maybe they should quit shitting on OUR path by telling everyone we’re “the same” and using “us” and “OUR” story for their own gain, because (clearly) we’re NOT the same.

First of all you are a troll hiding behind an alias.

I have to weight that against the hundreds, perhaps even thousands of other transsexual and transgender people I’ve met over the years.People from every walk of life.  People who came out at a wide variety of points in life.

A dozen years ago I used to question how some one who came out in middle age or later could feel the same way I did.

I too was much more rigid in my thinking.

But the more I though about it the more I came to see that had a few details , crucial turning points in my life gone the other way I could have wound up transitioning in my 40s just as easily as I did in my early 20s.

There is an emotion, a soft squishy sentiment often attributed to women and liberals, called empathy.  The ability to put oneself in the shoes of others.  Secular humanists and many religious people consider empathy to be a treasure of great virtue.

One thing I have noticed is a common trait among HBSers, for that matter most right wing conservatives, is a total lack of empathy.

Instead I see nothing but jealousy, greed and tight lipped anger.  HBS assholes are cowardly bigots and bullies trolling blogs and spewing hatred to make up for something that is obviously missing in their lives.

9 Responses to “Having Someone Demonstrate Why I think HBS is Bullshit… Priceless”

  1. HBS'er Says:

    A lack of empathy?…..

    You know what? I was wrong, and foolish, I’m VERY sorry for sharing my story and opinion.

    MY only point was that if you ARE transsexual (all theories and bullshit concepts and “titles” aside) you NEED! SRS (no excuses or justifications!) come hell or high water, and you WILL do what it takes (even if that means sacrificing EVERYTHING!, the only people YOU truly love in world, and sacrificing what should be EVERY child’s/person’s RIGHT! to FEEL truly loved and SAFE, even if it means sacrificing your dignity; which is something I’d have thought you’d know a thing or two about from experience?) to get it (and even if that means, for those who haven’t followed my exact “path” facing and owning up to the fact that throughout your life you’ve made some shitty decisions and done the wrong thing by a lot of people), because life and the ability to truly and fully KNOW love depends on it and without that, life is no longer worth living to you.

    I’m sorry for de-humanising so many people and denying gay people the right to marry by simply wanting proper recognition, understanding and treatment for those who’ve experienced what I have.

    Consider me enlightened Suzan, thank you for your obvious EXPERIENCE, wisdom, compassion, empathy and HUMILITY. (and I guess superiority in general, you truly ARE the real thing aren’t you!, a role model for all of us, we could all learn a thing or two from you the person you are now and the life you’ve lived).

  2. steviejayne Says:

    Shame all that money spent by HBS’er didn’t buy her maturity judging by her comments here. Might have been an investment if she had spent some of that cash on a crash course on manners too.

    Funny how the HBS crowd all seem to think that the only “true” transsexuals are those who adopt a narrow-minded attitude and those who take their particular road. They should have learned to read maps – they would then be able to see that there are often several different routes to the same destination.

    However, my final word on this particular person is – WOFTAM.

  3. HBS'er Says:

    Suzan, there is only ONE way that people born how I was will EVER get the recognition and treatment they NEED, until that happens, those who need the perspective I (and others like me) have, will find it occasionally in the comment sections of blogs and pages such as yours. So thank you.

    in the world I live in “manners” are a matter of respect and respect is EARNED, which is why you don’t observe any “manners” from me.

  4. tinagrrl Says:

    Manners are NOT a matter of “respect” — they are the embodiment of The Golden Rule.

    You do not “earn” the right to be treated as a human being.

    In an inclusive society, you treat all with respect until THEY prove they are not worthy of it. In an exclusive society, people have to “earn” that respect from a group that see themselves as above others.

    The moment you see yourself as some sort of arbiter, as the one who judges the value of other folks, you have lost your way.

    Rethink your priorities.

  5. HBS'er Says:

    Suzan, you publish opinion, you invite response.

    Tina, I’m NOT rethinking SH*T for you or anyone else, I’m my own person, I seek no approval (perhaps you both should learn to do the same)

    • Suzan Says:

      Actually responses yes trolls no and you could easily move from moderated to blocked. BTW You’re right you don’t post every ten minutes more like every five. Get a life.

  6. tinagrrl Says:

    O.K. – don’t EVER rethink any of your opinions. Do not EVER make any changes.


    Do you really think that makes you your “own person”? Do you really think rigidly adhering to a set of beliefs is a good thing? I understand your not wanting to allow me, or anyone else to force you to change, but don’t you think acknowledging change is a necessary part of being a sentient being? Change is the only true constant in everybody’s life. That old flowing river thing. The “you can’t go home again” idea.

    Is it possible you use that alias simply because you either know us, or think you do? If that’s the case, you know both Suzy and I have changed over the years — some good, some bad. That said — we look around the world and tend to change as conditions change. Acceptance of reality does not have to affect safety.

    Also, from my vantage point, your not giving a SH*T about anything I say is a good thing — no, I seek approval neither from you, nor anyone else. If you know me at all, you know that very well.

    You, on the other hand, seem to want approval for your “ideas”. That seems to be a losing proposition — so ………………………………

    Continue being a closed mind bigot. Continue spewing silliness. Then wonder why you are not accepted.

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