“Mainstream” and “Traditional”: Meaningless Code words Used to Attack TS/TG People along with Women and Gay/Lesbian People

What the fuck is “Mainstream Society”?


HBS assholes throw this one around and use it as a club to beat on other TS/TG people, but just what is “mainstream society”?

I’m Polish-American, second generation.  On my father’s side, my grandmother barely spoke English and was illiterate.

In the small Towns of upstate New York the children and grand children of Eastern and Southern European ancestry were consider not quite white. Just as the Irish immigrants and their children a century before them.

Antisemitism was still a factor.

What does this have to do with the concept of “mainstream”?

At a time when WASPs were the standard for “mainstream” all those groups were defined as “outside the mainstream”.

Who was “Mainstream” in those post-World War II days?

Well there was an emerging middle class and there were families on TV like Father Know Best and Leave It To Beaver.  The only problem with those families is they were fictional.

Disney became one of the worst generators of this garbage.

“Mainstream” was sort of an advertising slogan, a propaganda buzz word that demanded a sort of Orwellian level of conformity and obedience to artificial standards most blue collar people could never meet.

The censuring of non-conformity or worse yet holding that level of conformity in disdain was persecution. The persecution could range from teasing and ridiculing to black listing and subjecting certain minority groups to  random police abuse and capricious arrests.

While the 1950s were generally prosperous and did have pockets of freedom like Greenwich Village, Berkeley and North Beach it pretty much sucked to be obviously different.

It especially sucked for transsexual and transgender people.

Medical assistance in the US was virtually non-existent outside of those aforementioned places.

But it also sucked to be a woman who dreamed of having a career or enjoying any sort of self fulfillment.Those wonderful days of yore with supposedly traditional mainstream families excluded well over half the people in this country.

See Stephanie Coontz:  The Way We Never Were: American Families And The Nostalgia Trap

The idea that straight, upper class White Anglo Saxon Protestants are the “mainstream” is the wet dream of right wing conservative thinking as it manages to exclude all those people of color, working class whites, immigrants and let’s not forget the Jews.

America has never been a melting pot, where all immigrants become part of a white bread homogenized  Pat Boone version of culture.  It has always been more of a stew where every immigrant and minority group that is part of America has added their own unique element.

While cultural purists decry the ripping off of other people’s culture most Americans including creative people just keep on trucking stealing an influence here, putting it together with something from some where else. Culture gets intermarried the same way people do and along the line there has been a synthesis that has formed American culture.

When people expound on tradition, I am forced to ask: Whose tradition?

You see the majority of American people do not belong to that minority culture that touts itself as “mainstream.”

“Mainstream” is a fiction an advertising wet dream, a psy-op aimed at the soft underbelly of our collective insecurities, our fear of not belonging unless we buy this particular product.

More over it is one of those words that is used as a weapon of choice by all sorts of bigots.

Recently one of my readers pointed me to a blog titled “Purple Speaks.”  This reader was justifiably horrified at the hatred and bigotry poured forth by the HBS “True Transsexual” who runs it.

Like so many transphobic trans-blogs this one reeks of contempt and hatred for any transsexual who doesn’t share this person’s hatred and bigotry of transsexual and transgender people.

Since only one person out of 100 to 200 people who had SRS is considered a real transsexual and since one has to be a right wing bigot and Taliban Christian fembot to be a true transsexual, I guess I’m one of the 99% who “aren’t real transsexuals.”

Funny thing is Dr. Benjamin told me I was one of the purest cases of transsexualism he had met.

I whizzed right through all the screening in spite of being a hippie, bisexual feminist.

It was like fitting in with my peers, the young hippie activists of Berkeley impressed them  a whole lot.  I was also working as a counselor, helping my sisters find their way through the various programs that helped people transition.

What I’ve found odd about many of the HBS assholes is how many live really marginal lives while I live in suburbia, where I’m a member of the local community center/health and fitness center. My partner and I are a pair of slightly bohemian Democratic Party stalwarts who voted for Obama.

In spite of the attempts of HBSers to paint us as “radical leftists” our politics are pretty “mainstream” after all our candidate won the election by a landslide.

Turns out some 20-25% of people in this country are atheists or agnostics like us.  That’s about the same as the number of born again Xians.

We are among the 65 or so percent of people who want the Republicans to keep their filthy hands off Social Security and Medicare.

We don’t believe in ghosts, angels or UFOs.  We do believe in evolution, which puts among the Brights.

My partner and I are post-transsexual, many years past all the struggles of transition.  But we aren’t self hating heartless assholes who want to make life harder for those who are still in or even facing transition in the future.  For that matter we support equality and protections for all transsexual and transgender people just as we support those rights for all sorts of other minority groups.

We may think a lot of transgender ideology is stupid but we also think a lot of transsexual ideology is equally stupid.

That’s what being a secular humanist is all about, respect for the rights of others, the same respect one expects for oneself.

I’m not going to concern troll and say I feel sorry for HBS assholes, because I don’t.

The hatred they project towards others is reflective of a self hatred they feel.

How can one believe one is the only pure one out of one or two hundred other people who got the same operation you got? Doesn’t it seem odd that all but one percent of people getting this surgery deceived their doctors or aren’t really transsexual?

But the HBS assholes are blessed with an utter lack of self examination.  They are so consumed with hatred that it never ever dawns on them that maybe they are the ones who aren’t really transsexual but rather deceived themselves into believing they were.

I mean the 99% of the post-transsexual communities are made up of some really amazing people who have overcome so much and who have accomplished far more along the way than most of the HBS assholes seem to have accomplished. Most of us tend to support equality for all the people of the the queer alphabet soup.  And even for straight post-transsexuals too.

And they have often had to overcome a great deal of adversity to do so.

That by itself should demonstrate their having a better grasp on reality than the bigots and haters.

In the meantime I think I’d rather be part of the 99% of transsexuals who have more productive things to do with their lives than stew in a kettle of hatred and bigotry.

17 Responses to ““Mainstream” and “Traditional”: Meaningless Code words Used to Attack TS/TG People along with Women and Gay/Lesbian People”

  1. steviejayne Says:

    Thanks for an excellent post Suzan. The hatred espoused toward TS/TG people is closely linked to other hatreds such as racism and sexism and attacks on the disabled being disguised as attacks on “scroungers” etc.

    I found one of the posts on PurpleSpeaks highly objectionable and so wrote a comment, which the manager of the blog didn’t have the courage to allow to be published. She then posted a vile personal and generic attack which was stating that most of us are “men” and, although she has since removed it, suggested that I had a reversal or lived as an FtM because I disagreed with her hatred.

    The comment I wrote which she would not publish is below:

    Let’s not forget that with TSs, as with ALL other women, there is the full range of sexualities within us. We are not all straight, nor are we all L,G or B and that sex and sexuality are two different things. Whilst I respect your right to hold the belief that to love somebody of the same sex is immoral, it is arrogant for you to assume that ALL genuine TSs agree with you and that those who are not Christian Conservatives supporting oppression are merely mutilated men. This argument is no better than the outdated notion from the shrinks years ago that we couldn’t be a genuine TS if we wore trousers.
    As for morals, it is immoral that the most vulnerable in society, such as the disabled, are subject to victimisation for being poor whilst the rich are handed massive tax cuts.
    It is also immoral that people should be denied healthcare because they are not able to afford it.
    You are arguing that ALL genuine TSs and post-TSs support Christian values. There are several of us, including myself, that are athiest – it doesn’t make us any less female.
    There are several post-transsexuals (such as myself) and TSs who are actually socialists, so to claim that ALL genuine TSs are Conservatives is pure nonsense.
    I agree there is a difference between TS and TG. However, that should not stop us from respecting the fact that TGs are also entitled to basic human rights. The same argument you are putting forward was used by the Nazis to justify the holocaust because the Nazis deemed that the Jews were immoral and less human.
    You are defining the “mainstream” as being a person who is somewhere to the right of Benito Mussolini. Your political arguments are as flawed as your moral arguments.
    I see that you are saying hateful comments are barred. How do you define “hateful”? Is hateful deemed to be anything which is a contrary view? Or is hateful as in the dictionary definition? This comment is not “hateful” – it is a criticism and in my University course we were taught that there is NO right or wrong answers on social issues – just different answers. It is also good to have intellectual debate rather than a one-sided monologue.
    As for fighting for rights, in the UK where I live there is a longstanding tradition of fighting for rights and opposing injustice such as where Parliament had King Charles I executed for tyranny, the Tolpuddle Martyrs standing up for their right to organise a trades union, the rebellions which led to the Magna Carta etc, etc, etc. To oppose arbitrary arrests for the offence of wearing the clothes of the opposite sex is in the same spirit of those who fought for the independence of the USA. In other words the right to self-determination. There is also the right to freedom of speech and to disagree with your analysis does not make a TS a mutilated male – it means that the person concerned has a different opinion which has been shaped by their life experiences and their individual political/religious leanings.
    When looking for where to lay the blame for the opposition to us being treated as the women we are, it would be more beneficial to start looking at the churches which are unable to enter the 20th Century, yet alone the 21st Century. And don’t forget that the Churches are not exactly free of the taint of immorality – look at the child abuse scandals within the Catholic Church and the Church of England, or the bible-thumping preachers in your homeland who have fleeced their flocks for millions to spend on their own luxuries – or have preached against adultery whilst engaging in it themselves.
    The simple fact is that none of us are pure – we are all human beings and, as such, complicated beings with different experiences, emotions and thoughts. To say others are lesser persons based on their sexuality, race, age or political/religious beliefs is just plain wrong.

    • Suzan Says:

      What pisses me off is the only 1% of transsexual people are really transsexual. If you believe that chance are you aren’t one of that 1%.

      As I have run this blog I’ve met such a range of diversity among sister and brother transsexual and transgender people that I have had to question my own biases and admit I had some pretty fucked up stereotypes myself.

      Commitment to ideals I hold dear mean I admit when I was wrong. Believing in equality, and dignity for all means just that. Hell I don’t want to shut down the bigots or censor what they post on their blogs I simply want to express my disgust at their bigotry.

      • steviejayne Says:

        She’s totally lost the plot. As for admitting to making a mistake – that is something that the sky-daddy lot are incapable of doing until it’s about 500 years too late (as in the Vatican finally admitting that Galileo was correct in his scientific theories). Equality is essential and it would be a sad and boring world if we were all the same. The author of that website needs to realise that this is Planet Earth, not Planet Clone.

        I guess that the author of that hate has not had a wide range of experiences in life with exposure to other cultures and influences. It was an excellent point you made in your post that cultures mix and match and then another ingredient is added to the mix later on. It’s what makes the world a more interesting place.

  2. HBS'er Says:

    At 25 I was close to 6ft tall, nearly bald, covered in thick body hair, 280lbs and built like a brick out-house, my family rejected and disowned me, I had only qualifications as a car mechanic. I nearly chose to kill myself (it would have been easier). Before I turned thirty, I was post SRS.

    I spent nearly $100,000 on surgeries and doctors and treatments (in three years) before even considering keeping a roof over my head or food in my belly.

    How did I do that?

    I got a job driving a truck that delivered lubricating grease to coal mines for their bulldozers and excavators. I worked 12 hour days 6 and 7 days a week and came home covered in black grease and coal dust from head to toe with skin off my hands and arms, I shut my mouth and put up with the treatment I was afforded (which most of the time in spite of what the “community” would have you believe was respect ), and the men out there are the exact kind of “bigots” and transphobes” that “victims” in the TG community spruke about constantly.


    Because it paid me $30 an hour and I NEEDED SRS to live, to be loved and connect with a partner the RIGHT way for me. I NEEDED to be PHYSICALLY female.

    I’m one of those “pure” ones you so hate Suzan, never used my penis, never fathered children, never married a woman, want desperately to be a mother, to be “normal”, genetic even, but I’m NOT under ANY illusions as to that ever happening the way I need it to or as to who or what I am, NOR do I think I’m “better” or more valid or deserving as a human being than anyone else. All that I hope for for ANYONE is happiness, safety and equality.

    What it seems you fail to recognise is that the “equal” rights sought by non-op TG’s are NOT being afforded on equal/equivalent life circumstance and as such, those with the (circumstantial) disadvantage are being FORCED to lose THEIR “rights”, THEY! are being made to suffer (further) for the “convenience” of these others.

    Does it occur to you that “HBS’ers” (such as myself) are NOT the ones attempting to separate and berate “trans” people through the use of “mainstream”? does it occur to you that that is simply the only option left to refer to those that DON’T belong to the self-proclaimed/inflicted LGBT “community” how else do we refer to anyone outside of that?



    Are you suggesting “trans” or LGB is NOT “norm”

    You’re a hypocrite!

    Most of those YOU would call “HBS’ers” do NOT think we are better or more deserving than anyone else, we do NOT wish poor treatment or oppression on ANYONE but we also believe we are NOT the same as everyone and need to be treated appropriately.

    Am I the SAME as a forty year old “trans” person who fathered multiple children and now can’t “afford” SRS?
    How about a 25 year old college student who happily uses their penis with women and can “deal” with having it without needing to shoot themselves?

    If THEY are TS (IE the same as me to the “uninitiated”) what does that make ME in the eyes of those people in the world who aren’t “trans” and have no understanding of transsexuals (the “uninitiated”? what does that make ME to the men who might find out I how I was unfortunate enough to have been born?

    If people don’t want “REAL” TS’s telling them they’re different to “us” then maybe they should quit shitting on OUR path by telling everyone we’re “the same” and using “us” and “OUR” story for their own gain, because (clearly) we’re NOT the same.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    O.K. — you were 6 feet tall, 280 lbs, etc., etc., etc. — what about the 5foot 2 inch, femmy little, nearly hairless trans person? What if they were unable to do the kind of work you did? What if they too were rejected by family, shunned by the world, moving to one ghetto or another to SURVIVE?

    How were you able to do all that heavy work without “considering keeping a roof over my head or food in my belly”? Didn’t you get a bit weak?

    Do you realize you sound like the person who says they walked three miles to school – uphill both ways – in three feet of snow — EVERY single day?

    Is that femmy little trans-person who just changed the way they combed their hair to be considered female — and, perhaps had a boyfriend — LESS “pure” than you?

    Is the gay man who eventually did “drag”, then realized he was really “trans” (going ahead to have SRS, and marrying a man) less “pure” than you?

    Does everyone who followed a different path — ending up post-op, post-SRS, post-trans, less “pure” than you?

    One of your gross mistakes is using your specific path as the “correct” one for OTHERS!

    Another is confusing “transgender ideology” with all the different kinds of trans people. I have no problem with you being “HBS”. I do have a problem with your claiming that the great majority of post-op, post-trans women are not “really” transsexual. You allow for no variation from the “Canon” of HBS — this even though an awful lot of the “Sisters Of Transsexual Purity” cannot live up to the “rules” they judge others by.

    “Judge others by” — that’s the problem. You think YOU are capable of judging other people on the sole basis of YOUR experience. If other folks judged you by THEIR “rules”, you know darn well YOU WOULD BE FOUND WANTING.

    Is that humane? Is that fair? Is that going to help ANY of us get recognition as HUMAN BEINGS, instead of “trannys”?

    Your desire to deny others their humanity, in the service of your desired ends is folly.

    Please rethink your position.

  4. HBS'er Says:

    “O.K. — you were 6 feet tall, 280 lbs, etc., etc., etc. — what about the 5foot 2 inch, femmy little, nearly hairless trans person? What if they were unable to do the kind of work you did? What if they too were rejected by family, shunned by the world, moving to one ghetto or another to SURVIVE?”~Tina

    The genetically “blessed” ones? the ones like Suzan was? who if they’d have just been smart, shut their mouth and put their heads down, no-one would ever have known, and they could have found work like any other woman? and sure! maybe it would have taken them longer to earn enough money, but they wouldn’t have need as much (’cause their body wasn’t so screwed up) would they?….

    But NO! just like me they were alone and f**king terrified because their family left them, SO! (UNLIKE me) they tied themselves to the “queer” community for life (just as you both encourage them to do even today) so they could have the illusion of “support” and now they’re SCREWED huh? and things will NEVER be how they’d hoped, and so they live a life of resentment telling themselves and everyone else how great things are and how “successful” they were, and sending their own down that same path they walked and into that same life they have.

    “Is that femmy little trans-person who just changed the way they combed their hair to be considered female — and, perhaps had a boyfriend — LESS “pure” than you?

    Is the gay man who eventually did “drag”, then realized he was really “trans” (going ahead to have SRS, and marrying a man) less “pure” than you?

    Does everyone who followed a different path — ending up post-op, post-SRS, post-trans, less “pure” than you?

    One of your gross mistakes is using your specific path as the “correct” one for OTHERS!”~Tina

    YOUR gross mistake is assuming I use my experience as the “yardstick” for transsexualism. You FAIL to see that it is the rights to safety and security of not just Transsexuals but all FEMALES that motivates me.

    I could give a damn about “purity” that is Suzan’s weapon against those like me and is a result of her own shortcomings, hurt and insecurities (and for what it’s worth, my heart goes out to her), what *I* care about, how *I* measure “transsexuals” is by their actions to rectify their condition and the things they did in their early life AND! by their desired outcome and how they’re prepared to go about achieving that outcome.

    Whether ALL post-op “Trans-women” are transsexual or not is NOT my point, my point is that NOT ALL post-ops are actually (just!) WOMEN (by the standards and treatment set/used by MOST of society)

    But it doesn’t make one scrap of difference what *I* think now does it! all that matters is that you both can tell yourselves what you want to hear and then sleep soundly at night

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    The assumption that I cannot be woman identified, and still support the human rights of those you seem to want to “other” is what really seems strange to me.

    “My heart goes out to her” — is equal to the quaint Southern custom of “heart blessing” — bless your little heart.

    After reading through some of the “stands” an awful lot of HBS folks take, it really seems they do NOT have the safety and security of ALL females in mind. Very simply put, many of the religion that is HBS deny that most post-op, post-transsexual, women are actually female.

    YOU reserve the right to decide which of us are FEMALE, which of us are WOMEN. Simply put, you decide who is worthy.

    I don’t think it’s about safety – it’s about declaring yourselves as members of a very “special” society, one that denies membership to anyone who does not agree with you.
    Authoritarian, ginning up fear where none exists, defining others with no concern for their reality — shame on you!

    Rethink your stance

  6. HBS'er Says:

    (I don’t reserve any right at all!) YOU! are the one giving me more “power” and “authority” than is possible of any single human being.

    It is NOT me “other-ing” people, THEY do that themselves by being different from what/how the bulk of society (in fact!, NOT ME, or any other “HBS’er”) views as/denfines as, female. If people can make the world (or most of it) BELIEVE they are truly FEMALE that’s GREAT! more power to them (I have NO problem what so ever with that), and in fact how could I NOT support that? (it is after all EXACTLY what I’ve done).

    You can be “Woman identified” (whatever the heck that means) all you like, and support whoever you like, I could care less, just as long as you don’t make life harder for people who were born how I was and who need the things from life that I need in your efforts to “help” others.

    “my heart goes out to her” was in fact, me trying to show Suzan some of the “empathy” she claims I and those *like* me lack. un-able to see past her own hurt and personal experiences, she probably would deny I COULD possibly know, but I DO know what it is to NEED to feel loved, valued, and for someone to treat you well/properly and make you feel beautiful, and I’m sorry (if) she felt it neccessary to give herself up for even the smallest amount of that, it was wrong that she was made to feel that way, no-one should ever have to, and THAT is a large part of (if not the MAIN part of) my “stance” and NO I will NOT rethink it.

    • Suzan Says:

      My skepticism abounds. I seen what many of you HBS trolls look like. I think your wonderful life is pure fantasy otherwise you wouldn’t be hiding behind an alias.

      Oddly enough I am Facebook friends with hundreds of actually successful sisters and brothers who live fulfilled lived.

      They don’t troll.

  7. HBS'er Says:

    they likely don’t have a new blog post every 15 minutes iether. at no point have I ever said my life was “wonderful” it’s not better or worse than almost any other woman’s life has (at some point) been (I suspect).

    • Suzan Says:

      Like you have just spent the evening. I suspect you are speaking in the abstract regarding the imagined lives of idealized HBSers.

      Me I’m getting my blog posts ready for tomorrow.

  8. HBS'er Says:

    Further, like any other woman, I have enough hudles to face in an effort to reach as many of my dreams as is possible, without “asshats” (as you put it) and MEN, making that harder than it already is by expecting me to be and trying to make me out as something I am NOT for their own personal and sexual gains.

  9. tinagrrl Says:

    But, but, but, with your ability to do without, to persevere, to keep your eye on the prize and move forward, how can your life be anything but wonderful?

    Are you now backtracking, just a little bit? Are you saying, “I guess I’m human too”?

    Are you saying that you now have begun to understand what other folks face? Is there a tad of true empathy beginning to surface?

    Now, I understand the “right-wing-of-personal-responsibility-for-you-but-not-me” — AKA the Republicans, are not big on “empathy”. Nor do they favor any sort of help for anyone but themselves, and given the tenor of your writing, I thought you might just fall into that class.

    The very fact you claim to have “empathy”, leads me to think you might just be softening a bit.

    Nah! Can’t be. Just a moment of weakness — right?

  10. HBS'er Says:

    I guess you’ll never truly know WHAT I’m like Tina will you? especially when your own ego blocks your view of everything and everyone else in the world.

  11. tinagrrl Says:

    How much fun it must be for you! My ego blocks my view — but — YOU are “your own person” and you do not allow ANYONE, or (it seems) ANYTHING to change your view of the world.

    So, what you see as similar traits is a positive for YOU but a negative for me (and I assume) everyone else.

    Good! That seems to go along with the rigidity you seem to require.


    PS: As I said elsewhere, if you know me at all, you know my views have “evolved” (isn’t that a nice BS word?) over the years. Hopefully you know I am not in any way, nor have I ever been, “transgender identified” (there, does that solve the “loyalty oath” issue?) — but, I do support EVERYONE’S human rights. I support reasonable and humane changes to allow folks you seem to want to “other” to be full citizens of wherever they are. Simple basic humanity requires that. In the USA, a simple reading of The Constitution requires that. Every revolution has that as a goal. It’s the only way we will be able to reclaim our ideals, our values. True equality is more important than turf wars in a decided minority group of communities.

    You spoke of “all females” yet have not said ANYTHING about working toward true EQUALITY for “all females”. Why do I think you are just saying stuff to make hatred and bigotry seem more palatable?

  12. HBS'er Says:

    Here, is my “issue” (and coincidentally ALSO the reason I chose the alias that I did) you both degrade and deny that people with MY history and “narrative” exist, your belief (it seems) is that to achieve what we have is either an impossibility or in order to have done so, we MUST have been “privileged” MUST have had familial support or money or some kind of “benefit” MAYBE I’m the only one (what do you think? is that possible?) MAYBE you’re mostly right, but I’ve never been “gifted” a single damn thing from ANYONE ever! (not that I care to have been).

    And according to you both ANYONE who claims a history like mine is a “HBS’er” (judgmental no? I’m just me, I can’t help that my history is what it is any more than either of you can) and as such, is then degraded and disrespected and conflated with those who (I agree) are extremists and (more often than not) delusional, at any opportunity.

    You Tina, presume to say that nothing changes my view on the WORLD, my view on the world changes infinitely, every second of every day, it is my view of Transsexuals and transsexualism and what it is to be a woman and female (in this ever changing world) that is mostly rigid.

    I DO want “equality” for everyone, but to “win” that at the expense of women (especially ALREADY underprivileged women), how can that be thought of as “equality”?

    If you give a poor person and a millionaire $5 does that make them equal? You’ve treated them equally! is that “fair”?

    Equality as humans, as individuals, does NOT! ALWAYS require the EXACT SAME rights and treatments, I agree! We ARE! ALL different, what *I* and other females need in order to have equal “rights”, opportunities, freedoms, is DIFFERENT to what most males need, we are (or should be) equal, but we are NOT! THE SAME and what I/we NEED is being discarded by you and all others who take your “stance”.

    Why would you think that I and those who need the same as me would/should just shut up and go quietly? or that we should do the one thing guaranteed to see us NEVER get what we need and make our differences known publically.

    Compassion and the ability to empathise is born of hardship, it was said that I lack empathy, the truth (and I’m sure this will be denied) is that I lack the ability to understand what it is to be so privileged as most of these (claimed) “minorities” actually are, as made apparent by their demonstrated EXPECTATIONS of “entitlement”.

    I’m supposed to feel “sorry” for them?…. I’d have to know what it’s like to live THEIR life before I could do that now wouldn’t I?

    No, I don’t know either of you, but I do KNOW (from personal experience) a lot about the life Suzan has lived and how she’s often been made to feel, and how she likely feels NOW as a result of those things. I have a sister with a story very much like hers, who is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever known and who I count as one of my closest friends, just as I do her (also) post-op partner.

    I’m in support of a great many things you both are, just NOT that it is ok to achieve those things at the expense of females and ESPECIALLY those females who were unfortunate enough to have been born transsexual.

    Thank you for noting my spelling error Suzan, it should have been “spruik”, and the other thing is, I did NOT say I wanted desperately to be a PARENT, I said I wanted desperately to be a MOTHER (there are small differences, mothers typically qualify as parents, but not all parents are mothers, and specifically, I was referring to motherhood in the biological sense, but that is just me, not every woman wants that)

    I apologise for having rudely intruded.

    • Suzan Says:

      Dear AKA HBSer,

      You presume I don’t know sisters who are or have lived portions of their lives in deep stealth.

      I have. One was a model in SF, way back when, another is the wife of a high powered LA figure.

      One thing about people like this is they don’t hysterically troll the blogs of more out sisters.

      Instead they express thanks at the work those of us who are more out do and have done to protect their rights.

      One such friend, who was married to a man in the military expressed just such gratitude to me in the months before she passed away.

      They don’t make asses out of themselves on other people’s blogs.

      Only desperate losers engaged in fantasy role play, utter failures at life do that.

      People with anything going for themselves have better things to do with their lives.

      I almost wonder if you aren’t some right wing cross dresser engaged in fantasy role play. Someone who knows they would lose everything, including their right wing buddies if they were to come out as trans.

      One thing about having been one of the pioneer transsexual activists and having been around for nearly 45 years is that I’ve met a lot of well adjusted sisters and brothers.

      Doctors, lawyers, professors, authors, musicians, engineers. They are well adjusted people who do not troll blogs behind aliases and spew hatred.

      You on the other hand come off as a mentally disturbed fraud who is filled with right wing bigotry and hatred.

      You really need therapy.

      It has probably even escaped your attention that the majority of material I post is about how various issues affect all people, not just transsexuals or even just LGBT people, but all people.

      You probably haven’t noticed the posts about climate change, or the GMO contamination of food. I imagine you have failed to notice all the feminist material I post regarding reproductive rights. You probably haven’t even noticed the variety of music I post.

      I put up a ton of stuff that I read and that interests me, you on the other hand are an obsessive one trick pony caught up in your troll world of fantasy role playing.

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