Trans woman found dead, burned in France

This is the month when many of us gather together to mark a Day of Remembrance for TS/TG people who have been murder during the previous year.

Too much violence, too many murders.

Too little opportunity, too much discrimination.

Too many people treating TS/TG women as though they are human garbage, whose lives are worthless.

Too little love and support.

Too little in the way of assistance to those TS/TG women who do sex work to survive.

Too few people willing to admit how many TS/TG women have no other option other than sex work or crime if they wish to survive.

From Lexie Cannes:

Lexie Cannes
November 8, 2012

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — The dead woman, reportedly migrated from Peru, was found October 4th in a forest near Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville. The body appeared burned and while authorities are investigating and have made no official announcement as to the cause, trans activists fear “Cassandra” may have been burned to death.

News reports say she most recently a sex worker living in or near Rouen. Trans activists say a recently enacted law that is forcing sex workers to operate under more dangerous conditions. They also say they’re concerned about the lack of legislative action to head off the murders of trans people.

(Note to readers: Due to the translation glitches, I am not entirely how many trans murders occurred in France this year. Trans group “ACCEPTESS” stated that there have been 12 deaths.  This number may include other causes, such as AIDS. The group is however, saddened with number of deaths in 2012 and will be remembering these deaths on TDOR (Transgender Day of Remembrance).

Thanks to Helene Hazera for the tip.

Both sources are in French: Rouen : un travesti retrouvé mort en forêt, partiellement brûlé – Tendance Ouest.

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