The Manufactured Colleen Francis Kerfuffle

I’ve watched this kerfuffle grow over the last couple of weeks.

Initially it started out as a complaint by some right wing Christo-Nazi that Colleen Francis, a transgender woman was being allowed to use a University swimming pool at the same time as her teenage daughter.

Then like the telephone game the story be became more and more lurid with each retelling posted by the ultra right wing Christo-Nazi blogs and media outlet.

It was such a pack of lies and hyperbole that I avoided commenting on the story as I was busy with the run up to the election and didn’t want to have to deal with moderating comments from the hysterical HBS trolls.

I looked at the sources of the stories and found they were the usual suspect sources named as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Therefore I decided these stories were totally lacking in credibility.  That the lie repeated often enough gains enough credibility to be picked up by mainstream media doesn’t not give the lie greater credibility, nor the source of such bigotry motivated smears.  It merely means the mainstream media outlet caved and treated a non-credible source as credible.

One reason I run so many videos from Right Wing Watch of the creeps who out this sort of propaganda is because I want my readers to be familiar with these people so they don’t fall into the trap of treating them as credible sources on any topic.

There is a purpose behind the act of blowing up an incident that may have occurred solely in the mind of the original right wing source of this story.

Presumed Collective Guilt and Preemptive War Measures

I’ve watched as the Christo-Nazis and rabid right have  lost the war on women and are losing the war on marriage equality.

Transsexual and transgender people are their new Eastern Front in the Culture Wars.

Over the past two years I have watched as religious fanatic, right wing neo-Nazis and so call radical feminists have formed an unholy alliance for the purpose of attacking civil rights/non-discrimination measures that are aimed at insuring TS/TG people have the same rights as as non-TS/TG people.

The game the Axis of Hate is using is as old as the hills.  Dehumanize, libel and destroy or if not destroy then deny equality.

I’m old enough to remember when the parents of these people mutilated and murdered a fourteen year boy named Emmett Till.  The year was 1954, I was a little kid of seven and this boy, barely a teenager was brutally lynched in that hell hole humanity forgot, a place called Mississippi.

They say he whistled at a white woman.

But who knows because too many white people in Mississippi goddamn are truth challenged at best.

Sort of like the HBS folks, religious right, neo-Nazis and radical feminists of today.

I wanted to become a history teacher when I was in high school.  I won a scholarship and everything, but when I got to school I was told I was too obviously queer to ever get a teacher’s license, and even if I did I would be unemployable.

In the mid 1970s during the rise of the Republican radical right and the Christo-Nazis, Anita Bryant whipped up a “Save the Children” campaign.  They used fear of gay and lesbian teachers contaminating children with queer cooties to fight civil rights laws aimed at protecting gay and lesbian folks from discrimination.

You see the bigots deal in lies and fear.  They take a reality and let their fantasies run wild.

Just like how they are hysterical regarding Obama’s re-election.

Even when there is a grain of truth and an individual of a despised and dehumanized minority is guilty of an offensive or even evil act that act should not be used to justify collective punishment of an entire class of people.  Collective guilt and mass punishment of all other members of the community from which that individual comes is the sort of behavior we saw committed by the Nazis during World War II when they would kill ever tenth man in a village near where partisan activity had occurred.

Such behavior is an internationally recognized crime against humanity.

But that doesn’t stop the bigots.

The racists accuse every male person of color of being a rapist out to defile white women.

The bigots accuse ever LGBT person of being a pedophile when most child molestation takes place within the family and is heterosexual in nature.  With a large chunk of the rest being performed by authoritarian religious figures abusing their power.

It is the same big lie, the same blood libel.  the targets of this lie, this blood libel may change but the same people are always behind the lies and libel.

Cristin Williams at Ehipassiko  has an excellent piece  Bigots Unite! Deploying the Klan Fallacy in 3… 2… 1…

Of course  with great predictability the HBS Sonderkommando Unit including Jennifer Usher and Ben-Girl (Elizabeth) lined up to attack Colleen Francis.  Elizabeth even mentioned Fox News as being the credible source (sic) for her information.

Oh well I suppose that is better than citing Focus on Fascism or one of the other hate groups named by the SPLC.

Now I will be attacked for defending Colleen Francis.  You see in the case of these folks, who think sucking up to a bunch of neo-Nazis will somehow benefit them, my not joining the lynch mob is the same thing as throwing support behind a person I know nothing about.

I have no way of separating truth from fiction so I don’t presume guilt.  Especially considering the sources of the accusations.

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