HBS Folk’s Freakish Obsession With Transvestites and Drag Queens

When ever I mention that drag queens and transvestites are human beings and therefore are entitled to the same rights, dignity and protections of anyone else I seem to trigger an automatic hysterical reaction on the part of Jennifer Usher and other HBS supremacists.

I look at some of their blogs and you would never know nearly a hundred people lost their lives this week in a storm that was freakish in size and because of climate change maybe a harbinger of storms to come.

One would never know that there is this huge election battle going on.  One being fought between ultra right wing neo-Nazis/neo-fascist and people who  actually care about the rights and lives of the majority of American people.

Or that there is a war on women that impacts the lives of all women because if the Republicans win they will end reproductive rights and fair employment practices.

But, boy, oh boy, can these people ever obsess about the proper ideological thoughts of other sisters who had the same surgery they had.

Man, oh man are these people ever obsessed with the genitals of transvestites and transgender people.

They make it sound as though transvestites are enemy of all that is good and decent.

Here I must confess I just don’t get “transvestism” per se.  To me clothes are just clothes.

For years I had a black leather motorcycle jacket.  I called it my rock and roll leathers.  It was a guys jacket, thick hard leather.  The kind that would protect from road rash if the bike you were on went down.

I loved that jacket.  Saw a lot of great bands while wearing it.

It was my jacket therefore it was a woman’s jacket…  Didn’t much matter to me that the original owner had probably been a gay guy.

Now the perversifying of cross dressing seems to be a very Bible based thing rather than something that belongs in the DSM.

It’s also kind of one sided although the religious freaks insist on rigid gender based distinctions of clothing.

Now I confess to only knowing a few heterosexual cross-dressers/transvestites well enough to talk to as to what they feel and I only know them from the Tran-theory list.

Honestly I found them annoying, but not because they were transvestites.  Mainly they were annoying because they kept pulling class privilege on me.

On the other hand I’ve known a number of drag queens, gay men who performed in drag.  I met them in the 1970s when I was doing documentary photography.  A sort of West Coast version of the scene documented in Paris is Burning.

I loved many of the queens I met and was saddened by the deaths of so many during the Plague Years before the AIDS drugs.

I simply don’t get why I’m supposed to feel so much animosity.

People who were considered queens when I first came out were people we now call transgender.  They had everything but SRS.

Sometimes it seems like the HBS Freaks look upon their surgery as some sort of status symbol that makes them special.

Me…  Not so much considering there are some 3.5 billion other people on the planet who also have cunts between their legs.

Besides… I thought the point of getting SRS was to feel comfortable within your own skin.

I don’t get the fixation on transvestites the obsessive hatred.  It is almost like homophobia, an insecurity, a fear that maybe you are like them and you have to violently differentiate yourself from that group of freaks.

Think about it.  Other than general platitudes about equal rights, including the right to live with dignity and protections from discrimination I’m pretty damn indifferent toward transvestites and their culture.

They get to do their thing and I get to do mine.  I’m okay/You’re okay sort of relationship.

Yesterday I had reason to check out Carolyn Ann’s Blog.  We’ve had harsh words for each other.  What I noticed was how her blog had the same massive amount of election related material as mine does.  This is just an observation and doesn’t mean I’m looking to strike up a friendship with Carolyn Ann.

But considering how the posted material seemed in sync with my positions I would be willing to bet we could work together in the context of a political movement.

I couldn’t say that about the HBS assholes who mostly seem to want to be teabaggers.

Thing is the real Tea Baggers and Christo-Fascists consider the HBS assholes to be horrible perverts too.

Working as a thug for the master doen’t make you an equal of the master.  It just makes you an enemy of the people.

8 Responses to “HBS Folk’s Freakish Obsession With Transvestites and Drag Queens”

  1. Anne Says:

    Some of us already know who we shall vote for, I voted early so it’s a moot point.
    No I didn’t vote for the puke Romney. or Obama.
    I suppose you support this person and everything this person have done.
    This fine upstanding Tee-Gee,
    Colleen Francis has been charged with exposing her male genitals to high school girls in the locker room.

    It seems you and the rest of the Tee-Gees are behind this trail blazer who has invaded women’s spaces and exposed himself to high school girls.
    Here is the police report.

    Click to access EvergreenPoliceReport.pdf

    Seems that even the open minded liberals of Washington state have their limits. I guess you and the rest of your Tee-Gee friends will cry fowl over this and don’t see anything wrong with what this person has done.

    We do.


    • Suzan Says:

      Actually I don’t follow the sort of shit you seem obsessed with.

      Maybe I’m not that concerned with persecuting transvestites in order to prove to myself that I am really a woman.

      It has been my observation that the people most obsessed with this sort of thing were either once transvestites themselves or are such strange looking people as to be the sort who would be accused of being transvestites.

      I’m not a cop. I don’t make a career out of persecuting people for being different.

      Unlike you I’m not afraid of transgender people. Oh by the way I hate HBS assholes.

      And I did vote for Obama. I also voted for a few Greens when there wasn’t a Democrat running for the position.

  2. BlackSwan Says:

    Notwithstanding Anne’s comment this Colleen Francis character cannot be ignored. This is a perfect example of what the more conservative amoungst us were afraid of. A sexual preditor using the TG alibi to gain access to women’s private spaces to get off on young teenage girls looking at his junk.

    Tap dance if you want Suzan, but Anne has a point.

    • Suzan Says:

      I don’t give a zipless flying fuck about Colleen Francis. I wouldn’t know who this person is if it weren’t for a bunch of HBS assholes carrying on like I should care.

      And the point is I don’t care because I don’t spend my life obsessing about what horrible people transvestites are. Or for that matter as to why the trolls of the Christo–Nazi/Right Wing/RadFem have picked this person as a target.

      Ya’ll can just go fuck yourselves if you think I have any desire to join your vigilante bullshit.

      It has nothing real to do with anything.

  3. Van Buren Says:

    You (Suzan) would probably deem me to be a “HBS-er” due mostly to the blogs and pages I comment on, the comments I make and the other people who comment (and their comments) on those pages.

    As an (individual) person, I try VERY hard to understand others, understand how they feel in themselves why they feel that way, what it is they are searching for in their relationships and interactions with others and what it is that motivates them to do the things they do and say the things they say in life.

    The belief I have centred my life on is that we are ALL human and at that core level, deserving of equal rights protections and opportunities to the basic things most humans seek for fulfilment and would consider a “normal” Life.

    I know the path you have walked PERSONALLY! (even though I suspect you’d be too arrogant and ignorant to even consider that a possibility) despite what you may think, it is not that different now from what it was when you walked it yourself, however, NOW instead of being able to simply walk away post SRS (if one has either the personal strength to manage life indefinitely alone, unsupported and unloved, OR, the love and support and understanding of family) and work on attaining those basic things as ALL other humans have too, NOW, from the outset we are treated as the same as transvestites, gender queers etc etc NOW our permanent records our medical histories are marked for eternity that we are the same as a person with (or who can have) a penis regardless of our efforts to be rid of it and just be like other women.

    How am I and how are the 17/18/19/20 year old post-op girls ever to have a chance at being treated equally to norm born girls their age by society, when the parents who help them are told even by health professionals that their child is NOT normal (mentally), and sells them on the theory that it is not simply about their genitals and body being wrong, it is about “expression” that their young/teenaged/early twenties “daughter” who is/was so repulsed by her penis and body and everything that it meant to her life and all those basic needs it prevented her from having, can be/is considered “transgender” just as a person who has fathered multiple children, and happily had sex with females all their life yet seeks similar medical treatment can be, and just as a person who has no problem with and wants to keep and use their penis can be.

    Not many people understand as well as I do just how little TRUE understanding and compassion you’ve experienced in your life Suzan but the approach you take only makes the understanding and love you needed impossible for the few people who truly experience what you did and need that same love and understanding

    I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, I am who I am and I’ve fought harder and suffered more degradation and emotional devastation than most people will ever know for the (still tentative) right to be that person. I comment the way I do and say the things I say (for similar reasons to your own motivations I suspect) so that those who truly DO know from experience what I was dealing with, don’t have to suffer the misunderstanding I did and still do due to the personal agendas of people with different goals and motivations to my own. (It’s NOT about me it’s about kids who don’t yet have the strength I have)

    We SHOULD all be entitled to equality (IE no less OR more than norm borns), but mine and those like me are not entitled to equal rights and opportunities nowadays because everyone is told we need EXTRA rights and considerations.

    NO-ONE with a penis is typically given a F birth certificate or allowed access to female spaces, to expect that is NOT “equality” to everyone else, to “norm borns”, TG people DON’T seek “equality” but people like me most certainly do.

    I’m not better than any other human, but better or worse is does also not = exactly the same.

    I’m sorry you had to “know” it, and as hard as I know it is, I think you need to try and understand their perspective and what would have had to be possible for them in order for them be supportive, forgive them for the fact that it obviously wasn’t, but NOT for their sake, for your own.

    • Suzan Says:

      I tend to agree.
      When the right wing hate groups and political organizations plus the radfems go ape shit over something like this I tend to smell manufactured out rage coated with lies.

      I don’t like lynch mobs that target minority groups. It is to easy set up people as scapegoats, even if they are guilty the bullshit isn’t really about the individual.

      It becomes an attack on all member and perceived members of that minority.

      Ironically many members of the HBS set would make easy targets for this sort of treatment because surgery or no many simply do not really pass and are marginal members of society at best.

  4. steviejayne Says:

    Meanwhile, out there in the real world, our brothers and sisters along with lesbians, gays and bi people, are being beaten up, imprisoned and even executed for just being themselves. And all to frequently our brothers and sisters feel it is easier to take their own lives than carry on getting abuse.

    The video below which reinforces the message was shown at my union’s LGBT seminar this weekend. It is very moving and shocking:

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