Worse Than Katrina, Worse than 9/11: Can We Please Start Dealing With Climate Change Now!

Ten years ago Global Warming was the subject of a slide show by Al Gore, the man the Supreme Court stole the Presidency from.

Tina and I saw the lecture when it became a documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth.

I had been interested in nature and the environment from the time I was a young child growing up among the mountains and lakes, hills and streams of the Adirondacks.  Along with the forts and the history was the beauty of the mountains and the pollution produced by the mines and paper mills.

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring came out the same fall as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

That was fifty years ago.

It was the height of the Civil rights Movement.  I had just admitted I was transsexual to my parents.

The left wing peace movement, became my cause.  Folkies and hippies, poets and bohemians became my family.

A few years later the Ecology Movement was born, I saw Yosemite and read, the books of Edward Abbey.

But over the years I’ve met too many cult mind fuckers, too many people who peddle homeopathy, crystals, Rekei and astrology to not be skeptical.

So I read and examined what was happening in the world.  I read James Hansen and Bill McKibben and dozens of others.

You want to know something.  Those of us who have been hippie punched and called names for the last fifty years were right.

Now we have a storm that is like something out of a dystopian disaster film destroying New York, one of my favorite cities in this country, a city of incredible creativity and yes commerce too.

It was a city I first escaped to when I was trying my wings, I eventually chose San Francisco but the lessons I learned on Bleeker and Macdougal, Washington Square and the East Village were the lessons I needed to fly.

When I lived out on the Island ten years ago I was almost afraid to go to the city by myself, but when I went it was like visiting home.  The streets and subways embraced me, the hotdog venders smiled at me the Strand book store near Union Square welcomed me.

I know New York will come back, it’s a tough city and the people are strong people with big hearts but it saddens me to watch this disaster happening.

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