The theology (Superstition) behind Mourdock’s ‘gift from God’ pregnancy after rape remark

When someone tells me they have a doctorate in Theology I say, “That’s nice.”

But I think is that like a doctorate in astrology or crystal therapy. I always find myself wondering if it would it be rude of me to ask if I could give some one twenty bucks for a piece of paper that would let me declare I have a similar degree in say goat entrails reading?

From Raw Story:

By The Christian Science Monitor
Friday, October 26, 2012

When Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock this week spoke provocatively of rape-induced pregnancy as “something that God intended to happen,” liberals and atheists weren’t the only ones outraged.

The furor extends into Evangelical camps, too. Believers have taken Mr. Mourdock to task for bungling the important doctrine of providence, which holds that a benevolent God upholds and cares for an imperfect world.

In awkwardly wading into theological waters, Mourdock apparently aimed to affirm the belief – widely held in Evangelical circles, in particular – that God’s sovereignty knows no limits. It is a concept that has strong ties to 16th-century Swiss religious reformer John Calvin, who saw in scripture and day-to-day events evidence of a hands-on God. Mourdock showed, however, how tricky it can be to apply the doctrine in discussing tragic events.

What Mourdock said “is offensive,” says Richard Lints, a theologian of the Reformed tradition, which has Calvinist roots, and dean at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Mass. “The clumsiness is [to] so align God with evil that God becomes a horrific figure. It’s contrary to anything you read in scripture, and it removes the human responsibility.

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Ah The Epicurean Dilemma
If god exists and is all powerful,
whence cometh evil?
If god creates or permits evil then god is capricious or malevolent.
If god sees evil but does not prevent it then god is either complicit or impotent.
Either way why worship such a god?
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