Hate Group Focus On The Family Promotes Dangerous ‘Ex-Trans’ Ministries

From Think Progresshttp://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/10/25/1090651/focus-on-the-family-ex-trans/

By Zack Ford
on Oct 25, 2012

Focus on the Family’s promotion of ex-gay therapy is nothing new, but this week the anti-LGBT group also started promoting “resources for transgenderism and gender identity disorder.” In addition to citing familiar ex-gay ministries, the links also include efforts to convince transgender people that their gender identities are wrong — the result of “confusion” — and that they should try to conform to their biological sex. For example, the UK ministry Parakaleo aims to help “those seeking to re-establish their God given gender identity and destiny.” Another link highlights an author who claims to “expose and debunk the promises of gender change surgery.” Given the American Psychiatric Association is in the process of declassifying transgender identities as a disorder, Focus seems to be invested in demonizing trans people and denying them affirmation regardless.

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  1. steviejayne Says:

    The charlatans who are practising this “conversion” crap are extremely dangerous. Religion is pure poison and these extremists have as their sole purpose the purveying of hatred. They are the sick ones, not us.

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