Gay GOP group: Vote for Romney, he hates you

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Vote For Romney, He Hates You

What a bizarre endorsement.

The lead gay Republican group, Log Cabin Republicans, told gay voters today that they should vote for Mitt Romney, unless they care about their civil rights, then they shouldn’t.

It was a self-contained flip-flop worthy of Mitt Romney himself.

Log Cabin titled their statement of support for Romney, “We Are Americans First.”

If you’re gay, you immediately get the message, and it’s quite a historically horrible one. It’s a line that self-hating gay Republicans have used for years in order to justify voting against their own humanity: “Yes, I’m gay, but it’s only a part of me.”

When they say that, they mean: “I don’t really care about my civil rights, I’m rather embarrassed about being gay, and money is more important to me, so leave me alone, I’m voting Republican.”

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