If You Haven’t Signed the Petition To Remove GID from the DSM, it is Time For You to Quit Making Excuses and Sign It

Maybe you need more convincing…

So here’s a bunch of articles:

Jenna Talackova, transgender Miss Universe contestant becomes trans activist

Transsexualism: Petition to WHO an International Effort

Trans is not a Mental Illness

Petition calls on WHO to delist ‘transsexualism’ as illness

Miss Universe contestant petitions World Health Organization to remove transsexualism as a mental disorder

Man Petitions World Health Org: ‘We Are Trans, Not Sick’

This is a really big effort…  We like reached Critical Mass and it is time to kill off the whole Psychiatric Industrial Complex scam of labeling us as mentally ill just because we are Transsexual or Transgender.  We were born this way, we need appropriate medical treatment and when we have emotional issues we need the Psychiatric Industrial Complex to help us with those issues the same way they help non-trans people.

So Go here and Sign The Petition

Gay GOP group: Vote for Romney, he hates you

From America Blog:  http://americablog.com/2012/10/log-cabin-republicans-romney-endorsement.html


Vote For Romney, He Hates You

What a bizarre endorsement.

The lead gay Republican group, Log Cabin Republicans, told gay voters today that they should vote for Mitt Romney, unless they care about their civil rights, then they shouldn’t.

It was a self-contained flip-flop worthy of Mitt Romney himself.

Log Cabin titled their statement of support for Romney, “We Are Americans First.”

If you’re gay, you immediately get the message, and it’s quite a historically horrible one. It’s a line that self-hating gay Republicans have used for years in order to justify voting against their own humanity: “Yes, I’m gay, but it’s only a part of me.”

When they say that, they mean: “I don’t really care about my civil rights, I’m rather embarrassed about being gay, and money is more important to me, so leave me alone, I’m voting Republican.”

Continue reading at:  http://americablog.com/2012/10/log-cabin-republicans-romney-endorsement.html

See also The Nation:  Romney’s Private Promises to the Log Cabin Republicans

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Maryland Marriage Alliance speaker says gays worthy of death, on ‘wrong side of eternity’

Can we call them Christo-Nazis now they are openly calling for us to be put to death?

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The Republican Party’s Perfect Storm: The Hegemony of Male-centric, Class-centric and Ethnocentric Policies

From Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carlos-alberto-torres/republican-partys-perfect-storm_b_2007528.html?utm_hp_ref=politics


Hegemony is a concept derived from the Greek word eghémonia, which means leader or ruler. Usually employed to signify military power, or the political predominance of one state over another, Antonio Gramsci, arguably the most important Marxist thinker of the 20th century, suggested the term hegemony is often used to mean the broader process of moral and intellectual leadership through which the dominant class and ruling elite exercises its domination.

Domination is not only based purely on coercion but it is a moral, intellectual and even cultural drive imposing a clear and certain cultural direction. Moreover, the basic argument that Gramsci makes is that socially subordinate sectors accept the hegemonic domination of elites even though this implies that they will follow economic, cultural, and political principles working against their own interests.

The tumultuous nature of this presidential campaign teaches us many things about hegemony in the United States. The country, split into two different political persuasions representing two different views of the world, includes unique understandings of capitalism and the role of government. To see evidence of hegemony, however, one need only look to the Republican Party, whose campaign discourse and idea of democracy is a perfect storm of overwhelmingly male centric, class centric, and ethnocentric policies.

The Romney/Ryan philosophy is straightforward old school male-centric. When Romney shared that he had asked for a “binder full of women” while governor of Massachusetts, to purportedly identify and appoint a few women to his administration, it was a small but telling gaffe reflective of a larger personal and social disposition: that males are natural rulers in every sphere, most especially in politics. It’s not a big leap from there to suggest that women should return home to fix dinner for their man once they have finished working all day outside the home. For Romney, it is obviously irrelevant that there are many households with just one head of the household, most of whom are women. In political life, women would only play a role when they embody and represent, like many businesswomen and some politicians, “hegemonic masculinities.” That is, they share with men and particularly the elites their desire to control and suppress counter-hegemonic principles, values, alternatives, and practices. Women’s bodies, which have long been a matter of public policy, are placed at the center of a “war against women,” where Republican anti-abortion policies are sustained and cuts to Planned Parenthood are proposed.

Continue reading at:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carlos-alberto-torres/republican-partys-perfect-storm_b_2007528.html?utm_hp_ref=politics

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Mitt Romney: Extremely Conservative and Endorsing Richard Mourdock

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Mourdock Argues Insurance Companies Shouldn’t Cover Birth Control At All

From Think Progress:  http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/10/24/1078781/richard-mourdock-contraception/

By Scott Keyes and Travis Waldron
on Oct 24, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Indiana Senate nominee Richard Mourdock (R) doesn’t just want to prevent women who have been raped from obtaining an abortion; he also doesn’t think they should be able to access affordable birth control through their health insurance that could prevent such a pregnancy.

Months before Mourdock commented last night that pregnancies resulting from rape are a “gift” that “God intended,” ThinkProgress spoke with him at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference about Rick Santorum’s belief that insurance plans shouldn’t cover birth control at all. When asked whether he agreed with Santorum on the matter, Mourdock replied: “I do, I do.”

KEYES: I know Rick Santorum in his speech was talking a lot about this. He even went so far as to say, “I don’t think insurance plans should be covering birth control in the first place.” Do you think he’s right about that?

MOURDOCK: I do, I do. I don’t think that’s the role of government. We have to start rolling back government. There are many issues out there beyond Obamacare, but really the issue overlying everything is, is this nation going to survive? And that ultimately becomes an issue of economics.

Continue reading at:  http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/10/24/1078781/richard-mourdock-contraception/

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Indiana GOP Senate Candidate’s Mind-blowing Comment: Pregnancy By Rape Is God’s Will

From Alternet:  http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/indiana-gop-senate-candidates-mind-blowing-comment-pregnancy-rape-gods-will

Tea Partiers cheered when Richard Mourdock defeated Sen. Richard Lugar in the GOP primary, and Romney ran to endorse. Now, two weeks before election day, the War on Women is front and center.

By Adele M. Stan
October 23, 2012

Just as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney thought he had that pesky War on Women problem under control, a new front was opened Tuesday night in a debate between Indiana’s candidates for U.S. Senate. Richard Mourdock, explaining why his anti-abortion position allowed no exception for rape victims, contended that sometimes such a pregnancy is just what God ordered up.

“I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God,” Mourdock said, according to a report in the Evansville Courier Press . “And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

And right now the airwaves of the Hoosier state are saturated with political ads, including one featuring Romney speaking directly to the camera with an endorsement of Mourdock. The Republican Party, meanwhile, has been nuturing hopes to reclaim the Senate, needing a net gain of four seats in order to do so. Mourdock’s race against Rep. Joe Donnelly has looked like a close one, according to the limited polling available in Indiana, and it’s possible that Mourdock’s comments just cost him the contest.

Romney’s Mourdock problem is compounded by the G.O.P.’s Todd Akin problem. It was Akin, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri, who claimed that women rarely were impregnated by what he called “ legitimate rape .” But unlike Mourdock, Akin has never enjoyed the support of the institutional Republican Party, allowing Romney some distance from him.

Mourdock’s stance on rape and pregnancy essentially amount to his belief that women who have been raped should be forced to bear the rapist’s chlld, a position that inconveniently calls to mind the legislation co-sponsored by Romney running-mate Paul Ryan that would revoke Medicaid funding for abortions for some rape victims, unless they could prove they had been “forcibly” raped.

Continue reading at:   http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/indiana-gop-senate-candidates-mind-blowing-comment-pregnancy-rape-gods-will

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