Trade unions march against cuts

From The Guardian UK:

Trade unionists march against government cuts in London, Glasgow and Belfast, Sunday 21 October 2012

Marchers in London, Glasgow and Belfast are on their way home after a TUC-organised protests against government economic policy and spending cuts. Police estimated 100,000 marched through London to a rally in Hyde Park although the TUC said there were 130,000 participants.There were few reports of trouble although disabled protesters blocked Park Lane and supporters of UK Uncut threatened to take over Starbucks coffee shops.

One highlight of the day was the meeting of Ed Milliband and James Smith, the actor who plays Glenn Cullen in The Thick Of It. Smith compered the rally at Hyde Park but so far there have been no leeks about the content of their conversation.

Milliband was booed by some of the crowd when he said that a Labour government would have to continue a programme of austerity if they win the next election in order to reduce the budget deficit.

A theme of the march was the size of youth unemployment which is estimated at a round one million. One leader pointed out that the government spent more money on benefit payments than job creation.

A succession of union leaders castigated the government but a few hinted at the need to plan for a general strike as the next step in the protests against government cuts.

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  1. steviejayne Says:

    I was one of the 150,000 plus who were marching against the austerity agenda in London. The TU movement is the only real opposition to the cuts agenda within the UK with all three main parties embracing cuts in public services. The simple fact is that if all the taxes due were collected and the UK pulled out of the expensive and unnecessary war in Afghanistan and cancelled Trident there would be no need for any cuts at all. There is an alternative to austerity. The cuts agenda is a con trick pulled by the ruling classes in order to get those at the bottom end of society’s greasy pole to pay the gambling debts of the bankers. It also conveniently fits in with the political agenda of the Tory Party which is to end the welfare state and end the NHS.

    We now need the TUC to follow the march with real action. We need a general strike as soon as practically possible with sustained rolling action to follow the general strike.

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