Cyber-Bullying and Anonymous HBS Trolls

The HBS Trolls are bullies, pure and simple.

They use anonymity to keep from being punched back by people fed up with their bullying.

I have a troll name Jennifer Usher who devotes at least a third of her blog to trashing and abusing me.  This troll is so spoiling for a fight, she challenges me to come to her blog and debate her.

Sorry Jennifer, I have better things to do than get down and dirty wrestling you in a pig pen filled with mud and shit.

Others hide themselves behind masks and aliases.  Claiming they are “stealth” when real stealth has become nearly impossible for anyone who transitions later than about two years old.  There are literally dozens if not hundreds of private data collecting services that know your entire life history.  Not to mention governmental ones.

Others act as though being transsexual or transgender is something so shameful they are only able to speak the truth from behind a screen.

That doesn’t cut it either when one rarely if ever hears anyone who defends TS/TG people claiming the they have to hide behind a mask to do so.

One of the things I like most about Facebook is how having pictures and profiles as well as monitors civilizes the discourse.

Perhaps it is time for bloggers to crack down on the Troll Bullies and plonk them from commenting.

I have a string of names on moderation, and others who are permanently barred form posting to this blog.

I’ve modeled this blog after a newspaper, albeit a progressive underground paper from the 1960s.  It has a point of view.  My position is if you don’t like it start your own blog that reflects your point of view.  Commenting here is a privilege not a right to come here and use my platform to spread your bigotry.


4 Responses to “Cyber-Bullying and Anonymous HBS Trolls”

  1. JinianVictoria H Says:

    Should be said more often and loudly

  2. Jessica Sideways Says:

    Yeah, I have a policy of blocking trolls from commenting on my blog. I’ve been accused of being an enemy of free speech because I am not big on people abusing me in the comments but hey, one can only take so much. ^_^;;

    • Suzan Says:

      Question 1: Do newspapers print every letter they receive?
      Question 2: Am I stopping anyone from going to Blogger or WordPress and doing the work to build their own platform where they can express their own opinion?

      Since the answer to both those questions is no, in what way am I impeding anyone’s right to free speech?

      I personally put a fair amount of work into my blog.

      What I am doing is preventing Cyber Bullies from using that blog as a platform for them to abuse me or others.

      If they don’t like it let them start their own blog. If they want to spew the abuse they love to spew they should be proud enough to put their name on those words.

      Only gutless chicken shit punks hide behind KKK hoods.

  3. steviejayne Says:

    The difference between this blog and Jennifer’s crap is that this blog is educational and concentrates on the issues which matter rather than just spreading poison.

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