Aurora school board repeals transgender protections (UPDATE)

According to right wing Christian assholes transkids do not have the right to an education free from bullying and abuse, an education in a school that respects these kids for who they are.

From The Windy City Media Group:

by Jason Carson Wilson

East Aurora School District 131 now has no procedures to help keep transgender students safe. On Oct. 15, District 131 school board members had passed a policy, that detailed how transgender students should be treated. They reversed themselves during an emergency meeting Oct. 19.

School attorney Bernie Weiler said it was an amendment to an anti-bullying policy that would have add specific procedures for “handling gender identity issues.” Weiler said the policy was rescinded in order to get state guidance.

Johnson apologized for the board’s actions, while defending its commitment to District 131 students.

“I sincerely apologize that we didn’t watch closer,” she said. “[But] public education has to address everyone’s needs.”

With that said, Johnson tried making everyone understand she could relate to their struggles.

“I was a tomboy,” she said. “I know how it goes.”

With board members Mary Anne Turza and Stella Gonzalez absent, Board President Annette Johnson and members Richard Leonard, Raymund Hall, Anita Lewis and Ignacio Cervantes voted unanimously to end the policy.

Concerned parent Susana Alfero was among those packing the Student Service Center. Alfero is the mother of 7-year-old, Kayla, who identifies as a transgender youth. Kayla wore a red baseball cap, red sweatshirt and jeans.

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  1. phyllis nowacki Says:

    I was a school board member one time in Illinois and a hybrid. We had to make decisions that were not popular to the public to protect all students without prejudice. It seems they have forgotten these Fiduciary responsible to the students

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